Friday, July 22, 2011

Fundraiser Friday - Phoebe and the Smith Family

Isn't she darling?!
Lisa and Matthew Smith are in the process of adopting Phoebe (and hopefully 1 more). They started this journey with hopes of adopting a precious little girl named Yana, but complications that could not be overcome arose. Instead of giving up they decided to move forward and are now waiting to go and meet Phoebe next month.

In the meantime, to raise the last bit of funds needed to complete the adoption they are having an American Girl doll fundraiser. Every little girl would love to own their very own American Girl doll, right? I know I would love for Liza to have one but honestly the cost of the dolls makes me cringe. That's what makes this giveaway great. For a $5 donation to their adoption fund you are entered once to win an American Girl doll package, and the package goes up as the amount donated on their chip-in goes up.

An example of prize package one (you choose your doll)
Check out Lisa's post for more example photos of other packages.
Here's how it works:

  • 1st package Valued at $119 which includes doll, book and accessory package. 
  • When donations reach/exceed $2000 winner receives $179 package which is the starter collection. If the doll you choose does not have the starter package you will get your doll and anything up to $179. 
  • When donations reach/exceed $5000 winner receives the best friends package valued at $234. If your doll does not have a best friend then you will receive your doll and accessories up to $234.
  • When donations reach/exceed $10,000 winner receives a world collection valued at $439. If your doll does not have this collection, we will give you a package at $439. 
So, if you want to win this prize it would be best for everyone (especially Phoebe and her mystery sister) if you share with everyone you know and donate for at least a few entries. They also have a couple of other prizes you could be entered for: Longaberger/Pampered Chef/31/Tupperware bundle or a Vera Bradley Purse and wallet bundle. Look for the chip-in in Lisa's post to donate and donate NUMEROUS times :) Let's help change Phoebe's and her sister's reality!

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