Saturday, December 20, 2008

Foster Care stuff

I've really hesitated sharing much of what goes on with "The Girls" because I'm afraid somehow the wrong person will see this and All H-E-you know whats will break out. I've heard too many horror stories I guess. But, I did start this blog with the intention of being open and honest about our journey, no matter where it might take us. I also know that, personally, I have learned and been encouraged by others who have been there done that and not been afraid to share.

So, where do I begin. Maybe with a little summary of each Girl.

Mississippi: I have really struggled with what to even share about her because I am afraid it will just end up making me sound like "That Mean Old Foster Mom". The honest truth is that M is just really hard to live with. She's only 10 and has the worst chip on her shoulder. One morning last week I asked her if she was ready for school and her answer was, "YES! I'm ready!", full of nasty, How dare you ask me that question attitude. We haven't found a way that really deals best with this behavior quite yet. We usually make her say everything over to us until she can do it without attitude but it doesn't always work. At times we have just ignored the attitude to see if not giving her a reaction will solve the problem. It's kind of like picking your battles, at times it's worht it to make her keep repeating until she gets it right and other times it's best to let it go.

She also can not stand to be told to do anything. She's been told to change into something clean to go out in and has a fit over that. She doesn't even like to be told when to walk out to the bus stop in the mornings. She has no sense of what's appropriate. She has been known to yell at people down the block while standing at the bus stop, where the bus comes at 7 A.M.! Needless to say she now has to be completely silent at the bus stop.

Then on the other hand she can be sweet if she chooses and she actually has a strong sense of justice. Mostly it's used to determine that she has been wronged but I have seen her get upset because she feels someone else is being mistreated. She's also befriended a girl her sister decided was too weird to be friends with because she felt bad for her. She loves animals and likes giving gifts. She does have a good heart, but she needs to work on some issues. Just like we all do.

Skippy:She's a little harder to figure out at times because she is not as vocal about things that bother her as M is. She tends to be the type of kid who will say she will do something and then not do it. One of her biggest issues is lying and not following through. We're pretty sure she can be sneaky as well. A lot of times we think conflicts that erupt between S and M are M's fault because she is the loud one so the attention gets focused on her and she looks like the bad guy. We are starting to figure out though that that seems to be a strategy that S has developed and plays well. She may actually instigate a lot of it because she likes.....well, we're not sure what satisfaction she really gets from it yet, but we're working on that. Another issue is schoolwork, and this goes along with her acting as if she's doing what's required but not really. When we get interims she's always missing homework or notes. She is required to study and do homework every night so we don't know what happens between home and school. She tells us she wants to go to college and have a nice career but her actions don't reflect that.

S is very funny and very bright. She can make up a rhyme about someone very easily and she and Noah love doing this. She can get along with most anyone and is pretty easygoing.

There are other issues for both like hygiene, visits with parents, behaviors at school. We are just going to keep walking it out for as long as they are with us. And hopefully blogging to have a record and memories for when they move on.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Music and Life-Father of the Fatherless

This song brings tears to my eyes EVERY. TIME. It is one of the few newer Christmas songs that i really like listening to. It's the message in it that makes it so worth hearing. I heard it in Wal*Mart the other day, and just pray maybe someone who never considered adoption or the fact that there are orphans in this world, was really listening.

Shelley made this slideshow with pictures of Reece's Rainbow's Older Angels and Other Angel's. Maybe you've noticed that I seem to be stuck on these kids. I am. My heart's desire for this season is to see them find families.

These are the Faces of the Fatherless.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

One More Day For Ornaments

Yes, I shamelessly stole the below post from Shelley but I got the idea from Meredith. Please go and sponsor one of these angels. Help them get adopted. I'll even tell you which one I am praying for Jesus to make a part of our family. Her name is Liza and she is a beautiful platinum blonde with the most captivating bluish-greenish eyes. There are a couple others who have a soft spot in my heart but she is the one I keep going back to the most. Before it was Victoria but her family has found her and I am so happy for all of them. She is going to be so blessed to join her new family as I know they are going to be blessed by her.

And here's another good reason to sponsor one or two or a few: My birthday is in 12 days. In lieu of a present you can just sponsor an angel and we'll call it even :) Seriously though, these kids need families and receiving this sponsor money makes that more a reality for so many of them. If you can't, pass this info on to someone who maybe can.

The Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree project is in full swing. But there's only one more day left to donate and receive an ornament of the waiting angel for your tree! If you'd like to receive a 2008 RR Angel Tree ornament with the photo of a waiting child, go to this link and choose a child to sponsor. A donation of $35 or more and you will receive a beautiful ornament for your tree. I assure you, the ornaments are beautiful(I've spent a lot of quality time with 300 of them, so I should know!). But, more important than the ornament, 100% of the money you donate will go to help the child you choose to find a forever family.
The Angel Tree fundraiser has already raised over $20,000 in grant money for children with Down syndrome all over the world and there's still 15 days left (400 ornaments will have been mailed by tomorrow with a projected 100 more going out next week!). If you want an ornament, you have to donate by midnight on the 15th (tomorrow!).
Also, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and look at how many children have already found their forever families since the Angel Tree began on November 1st.
So, what are you waiting on? Click the tree....and give the gift of a forever family this Christmas season!

You know you want to go check out Liza! Click the tree below, please....(with puppy eyes face)

Updated to add the button. Thanks toMeredith for the code.
Angel Tree
Grab This Button

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Music and Life-My Fave Christmas song?

I am not a huge fan of Christmas music. There are some songs that I really like and some I just can't stand. I think some are too overdone. Every artist who wants to make some money off a Christmas album has to try their hand at this one or that one. Maybe I'm just a scrooge, but I just don't want to listen to the same song 20 times a day by 20different artists.

Tonight however, I had the opportunity to hear one of my favorite Christmas songs. It never fails to bring a smile to my face and I don't believe any other artist has attempted to cover it.

Ok, yes, it's Jeff Foxworthy and not a "real" Christmas song. But, it makes me laugh and it's one I don't mind hearing every year. I'll try to post some of my real favorites later on. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things I Ponder-12-2-08

I think this is going to become a regular feature. I've always been a ponderer (is that a word?) by nature. There's always something on my mind, something I'm working out or trying to understand better. Sometimes it's deep and meaningful and sometimes it's just silly.

It's amazing how kids can give you something to ponder every day. Sometimes a few times a day.

I'm pondering this:
Why is that putting away schoolbooks or doing homework becomes soooo important when you're asked to help someone else do a chore?

Monday, December 1, 2008

I Miss Summer Already

This is one of the last family outings we had this summer. The annual Labor day picnic. I know they're not the greatest pics but I've been nervous about sharing any that have The Girls in them. So this is the best it's gonna get.

Um, and yeah, this one. My Knucklehead kid (aka Noah) took this one upside-down on purpose. I haven't had the heart to turn it right side up and it makes me laugh. He's pretty goofy :)