Saturday, March 22, 2008

I may need to pray harder..

**This story took place a couple months ago and I debated on whether to post it, cause I don't want folks to think my kids are maniacs. But, I reread it and I just couldn't bring my self to delete it. You just have to know my family and our crazy sarcastic sense of humor**

Yesterday I walked my little man, Noah down to the bus stop. He's 9 now and into all the gross stuff that makes me wanna puke. I know that's typical for boys and growing up with two little brothers I'm pretty well used to it. But Noah may be a little weirder than most.

Here's the story: He and I are standing there looking down the road in the direction the bus should be coming and we see a big diesel pickup coming. Then we see a little grey squirrel who has decided to try to race the truck in getting to the other side of the road. (BTW- why the heck do squirrel's have to do this?) We're both standing there holding our breath, or so I think, waiting to see if the squirrel is gonna get splattered and, phew, he makes it to the other side just in time! So, I let out my breath and say, "Phew, I thought we were about to watch that squirell get squooshed. I'm glad he made it to the other side." That's when Noah says, " That would have been cool.", with that crazy little boy gleam in his eye. At this point I tried walking to the other side of our street and disowning him but he followed me, laughing the whole time.

I Needed This

I stole this quote from Dawn's blog, I hope she doesn't mind.

"The Will of God will never take you
where the Grace of God cannot protect you"

It just sums up what I've been feeling since we met with our SW again yesterday. I really like her and she has given us advice that I felt was right on and common sense. But, yesterday she was really cautioning us to think hard about whether we really want to adopt LB. We found out that her developmental delays may be more severe than we thought and she cautioned us to be sure we weren't going to do something that would cause friction between us and the boys. Needless to say, hearing all that caused some friction for me last night. I was feeling confused and almost like I was going to lose her, Rick was sure that if our SW felt that way that it was so.

I can't explain how I have fallen for this child but I really feel that God has spoken that He has made her ours and if we just continue in faith everything will fall into place. Along with that will come everyone adjusting to all of her disabilities. We have wonderful resources all around us, not just for her but for us as parents, and even for siblings of kids with disabilities.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Help Bring Noah Home

I thought I'd repost this in hopes that someone may see it and be interested in participating. Tami and Bobby are adopting Noah from Taiwan, you can see pictures of him and learn a little more at their blog. Tami's email address is

We are trying to contact Christian performers ( singers, bands, dramatist,
etc) who might be interested in donating a performance to an Adoption benefit concert to help us bring our special needs baby boy Noah home. Noah has Fragile X Chromosome Syndrome. The concert will be April 11th in Shreveport, LA. We felt led to share this with EVERYONE we know in case they had a contact a Christian performer who might be willing to help us out and donate a performance. We are prayin to get as many performers as we can and to get to word out about the concert and ask for a love offereing to go towards Noah's Adoption. We are calling it A NIGHT OF PRAISE! :) Please pray for us that this night will be VERY VERY successful :) Also pray that God will send someone that is a known name that might help as well but either way we will have a wonderful night with local talent too :)

thanks and
God bless,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Seeking Prayer

Today through one of my Yahoogroups I found out that they are recruiting families for LB. That threw Rickydoodle and I for a loop, we sure weren't expecting to see that. We immediately started thinking that was the end of all our hopes because we both thought, "As soon as anyone who is Homestudy ready sees this child's awesome smile they are going to fall in love with her just like we did!" We frantically got in touch with the CW and emailed the lady who posted the recruitment blurb and found out that they are looking for families to submit Homestudies, but that we have time and all bets are not off, "PHEW!" I really feel that this child is meant to be ours and will post a little testimony on that someday, but not quite yet.

I would like to ask if anyone is reading this, please pray for favor. We have to get through what they call a "staffing", which is where they sit down with all involved and all the homestudies and match a family to the child. We just really pray that we will have favor at this time and that all the good things we have going for us will be enough to tip the scale in our direction.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Stealth Evangelism

Today I was thinking as I was wiping down the serving line, this is where my husband would say, "Uh Oh!", and I realized that there's a lot of Stealth Evangelism taking place these days. What I mean by that is when we kind of bring God in to a place without others around us being totally aware of it. The example for today was this, in the cafeteria they had all these little fruits up on the walls to decorate the place and just make it look kind of cheery. Well, all these little fruits had words attached to them and this is what they were, Faithfulness, Goodness, Patience, Love, Joy, Gentleness. I didn't see Self-Control, but I hope it's there too somewhere cause I think every one needs to be reminded of that one from time to time. I know I do. The Fruits of the Spirit(Gal. 5:22-23) were right there on the walls of this cafeteria. I don't know if the person who purchased them or put them up realizes what they are but I think it's awesome that they are there. I pointed out to one of the ladies that that is what they were and she just shrugged and said, "Oh", I don't think she knew what I was talking about. The Bible says the Word of God will not return void (Isaiah 55:10-12). I believe this, so maybe no one else realizes it but God has been let in to the House, in a manner of speaking. Another example is all these schools that are allowing churches to meet in their buildings on Sundays. If any of these churches are anything like mine then the Spirit is moving every Sunday in the four walls of the schools of this nation. I think that's awesome!

That's Stealth Evangelism. I wonder if anyone else knows of any other examples, or what others' opinions on it are. I know that it's important to share the love of Jesus with others openly and obviously but I really think that this is a great way to get it in to some places that otherwise might be somewhat closed. And we have to face it, in many ways schools are closed to anything that remotely resembles the Message in any form.