Friday, February 19, 2010

Now Featuring

Us on the Reece's Rainbow blog! Reece's Rainbow's own Lu, over at Poppies Blooming, does a series called "Meet the Families" for all the Reece's Rainbow families in the process of adopting and it was our turn. So, if you've wondered why we're adopting or how we decided on Liza there are a few answers there. It sure was nice to see my Girl's picture front and center!

The button below can be grabbed and added to your blog if you'd like to help spread the word and get the families of Reece's Rainbow noticed. If you click on it you can find the code at the Reece's Rainbow blog.

Even more exciting than that, is this: Reece's Rainbow is featured in PEOPLE magazine! I think that is so cool. Imagine the numbers of people who will be reading about this ministry in the next few days. You'll find them in the "Heroes Among Us" section of the issue pictured below.

Reece's Rainbow Advocating

Ever read the book, "A Mother for Choco"? If not, you should really check it out. It's great for even just teaching compassion to little children. Not to mention adoption and seeing everyone as more alike than different. I love that book and read it to my boys over and over when they were small. I challenge you to look at the pictures of these kids and imagine them asking, "Are you my mother?" Come on, what have you got to lose really?

   This is Vera. Her sad face jumped out at me today on Reece's Rainbow and I couldn't stand it, I just had to get her face out so someone will see it and maybe her family will find her. Her description on Reece's Rainbow includes a caption that says, "Please come for me soon, Daddy." It really looks like that's what she's hoping for. However, she is in a country that single women can adopt from so if she catches your heart and you're a single mommy I'm sure she would love to have you! Vera's Mommy or Daddy? Are you out there? For more info please contact Andrea Roberts or visit Reece's Rainbow.

This is Claire! My friend from Christmas, remember her? She just turned two years old back in January and she has a $500 grant now. She's at a really great age to benefit from a loving family and all the early intervention that she needs. I just know she could thrive if she was adopted. She's in the same country and region as Vera. So, single moms are accepted. Are you her family? For more info please contact Andrea Roberts or visit Reece's Rainbow.

This cute little baldy is Anna B and if you look very close it looks like she's wearing earrings. She is absolutely beautiful, isn't she? I can just imagine how stunning she would be when her hair was allowed to grow out. She needs a mommy and daddy to help her reach her full potential. Do you know them? Same country and region as the girls above. For more info please contact Andrea Roberts or visit Reece's Rainbow.

This is Elena. I just love her DARK hair and eyes with her light complexion. And those cheeks!Isn't she gorgeous? She also is in need of someone to love her and provide her with the early intervention services that would help her to thrive and reach her fullest potential. She's in the same region and country as the other girls and all information and requirements can be found here. For more info please contact Andrea Roberts or visit Reece's Rainbow.

There are so many other kids listed with Reece's Rainbow, please give them a look. I could have posted one hundred pictures here and still had others that I would love see find a family. All of them just waiting for someone to fall in love with them. It really could be you and your family. So, what are you waiting for? What's holding you back?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Music and Life: The Drunk Version

We were in the local Irish store yesterday and I heard this song and now I can't get it out of my head. At first I just laughed at it cause the dude calls the whiskey the devil and then turns around and says "'re me darlin' drunk or sober!" I found that funny for some reason...

Then when it was running around in my head most of the day and I caught myself singing it I thought I'd look it up and found that one of the verses they say, "o'er hills and mountains into Americay". So, the whiskey landed him in America? Hmmm, that could explain what's up with one of the nearer towns to me. Oh, wait, are ya'll reading this over there? Love you guys....

Enjoy me new favorite song! Rick just told me (jokingly) I shouldn't listen to stuff like this, "it'll warp your mind." He must not know me very well. Pahahaha!


Whiskey you're the devil you're leading me astray
Over hills and mountains into Americay
You're sweeter, stronger, decenter
You're spunkier than tea
Oh whiskey you're me darlin' drunk or sober!

Oh, now brave boys we're on for marching
Up to Portugal and Spain drums are beating, banners flying
The devil all home will come tonight
Love, fare thee well

With me tiddle-ee-iddle-doodle-a-ma-da me tiddle-ee-iddle-doodle-a-ma-da
Me rightful too-ra-laddie-oh
There's whiskey in the jar

Said the mother do not wrong me do not take me daughter from me
For if you do I will torment you
And after death me ghost will haunt you
Love fare thee well

Oh the French are fighting boldly
Men are dying hot and coldly
Give every man his flask of powder
His firelock upon his shoulder
Love fare thee well

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weird Fact Wednesday: The Cowardly Version......Or Not

Ok, yes, I know - this blog is B.O.R.I.N.G. I have been in a funk the last couple months and just haven't had much to say. So, I'm gonna try a new weekly blog post called Weird Fact Wednesday, in which I will be sharing weird facts about "yours truly" on Wednesdays. Cause you always wanted to know all those weird facts about me, right? Well, even if you don't someday my kids or grandkids will. Won't they? And it'll all be right here for them to find. Until then, enjoy week one of Weird Fact Wednesday.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had this thing for Kenny Rogers. That's not exactly the weird fact. My utmost favorite song by him was "Coward of the County", I really don't know why cause I just listened to it again for the first time in a while and went.... "OOO KAY!" And that's not ok in a good way. 

So, yeah, weird fact about me: I used to really LOVE a song about a dude who let's people walk all over him and then one day snaps. Umm, maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere? That's probably a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day!

(And Kenny, if you're reading this, I still love you! But that song needs a little help. Just sayin....)