Monday, April 28, 2008

Foster Care Prayer Vigil

I copied the excerpt below from the blog of another mother who is passionate about adoption and the plight of orphans abroad and here at home. Prayer is definitely needed when we are talking about the state of foster care here in the States. Sometimes I think it's not a lack of caring and willing people to step in that is the problem but rather the crud they have to put up with in order to help the kids. I have BTDT and don't have a problem saying that things need to change. I'm realizing that the saying " Be the change you want to see" is right on. Nothing is ever going to change by just talking about it, something has to be done. I believe that prayer is powerful, especially corporate prayer like they are calling for. I hope that thousands of people in churches around our nation get involved with this. I look forward to seeing God work in the foster care system of America, I'm ready to see kids' lives change.

National Foster Care Prayer Vigil and Your Church

"All of a sudden I was awakened in the middle of the night by people wearing black clothing with badges. I didn't know what was happening ... my brother (Anthony) and I were crying. We were hurt, and we were full of pain. Only God knew what was to become of us.The police took us to the police station. There, they let us sleep in the back of the car until it was morning. The next day Ant and I were taken to a big house to live until our social worker came to take us to a new family ... whenever it was nighttime, I lay awake while Ant was fast asleep. I was crying so much it really hurt, and I was full of sorrow and pain. Sometimes I would even sit at the edge of my bed and call out my mother's name frantically ..."-- Chris, 11, who entered foster care with his brother at ages 5 and 4

Children quietly enter foster care due to circumstances beyond their control, including abuse, abandonment, neglect, and substance abuse on the part of their primary caretakers. They're often shuffled from home to home. Some are eventually returned safely home. Others are blessed through adoption. Unfortunately, so many fall through the cracks and languish for years in group homes, long-term foster homes, and shelters.

Co-sponsored by FamilyLife's Hope for Orphans, Focus on the Family, and Shaohannah's Hope, the first annual National Foster Care Prayer Vigil will be held the week of May 19-25, 2008. During this momentous week, Christians will gather in churches and elsewhere across the United States to go before God in praying for our nation's foster children, as well as their foster and adoptive families, their birth families, and their workers.

Would you consider participating in a prayer vigil in your city? If there is not currently one scheduled, would you consider organizing one? If you are led to participate in or facilitate a prayer vigil in your city, please take the time to visit our website at to learn how. There you will find materials to help you, as well as a registration page and map displaying local vigils throughout the nation.
For more information, visit or contact National Coordinator Phoebe Dawson at

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Husband Tracker

I don't think I'm the only wife who has ever misplaced her husband in a time of need. Correct? Yesterday, when I needed Rickydoodle to go and haul in my crate so I could clear my table after the women's banquet, I could not find him anywhere. He was seriously MIA.So, I decided that I need to invent a device that is implanted into husbands on the day of their weddings. This device would enable wives to locate the husband at any given moment. I know, that's why cell phones were invented, but a cell phone does no good at all when they leave them in their trucks or have them on silent in their pockets. Do they all do this?

I haven't decided what I would call it or even how we would install it without their knowledge but I already know I'd have at least one buyer. Whataya say? Anymore takers?

Oh, and he did eventually show up with the desired crate and man-power to carry that crate. He and the boys had gotten bored waiting for the banquet to be over and were getting a little concerned about being in the presence of all that girly fru-fru stuff. So, they went and hung out at the local coffee shop. I guess I can't blame them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Orphans of God

I watched the video below and realized that, even though the world sees these children as orphans and they are essentially alone in the world, they are not left alone by the Father of us all. Unfortunately so many of them don't know this, they have no way of even knowing the name of Jesus or the concept of God as Father. My prayer today is that these children would find homes, that they would be granted the happiness of knowing a mom and dad or even just one or the other. But, even more than that I pray that they would be granted a chance to know God as Father, to know the love of Jesus, to see that even though in this world's eyes they are orphans, in God's eyes their are NO orphans.

Jesus, today, please hold each of these little ones in your arms. Let them know your love that will never leave nor forsake them. And, Lord, let us be Your arms to as many as we can reach, Father, drawing them in to our homes and into Your family. Thank you for Your Heart for the Orphans. Amen.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Music and Life

One of my passions, besides adoption and pro-life activism, is music. The video below is one of my favorite songs of all time. I loved it when I was young and I still love it now. I wish that songs like this one were heard more on the radio these days. Today's "Hot, New Country" ain't got nothin' on yesterday's classics, at least, in my opinion.

Was it the story that I loved or Dan Seals' voice or a combination of both? I like going back and looking at it with my grown up eyes or listening with grown up ears - whatever. I wonder if my firm belief that Mom's should never leave their kids comes in part from songs and stories like this or just that I love my kids so much I can't imagine how anyone could just leave that way for selfish reasons.