Sunday, April 20, 2008

Husband Tracker

I don't think I'm the only wife who has ever misplaced her husband in a time of need. Correct? Yesterday, when I needed Rickydoodle to go and haul in my crate so I could clear my table after the women's banquet, I could not find him anywhere. He was seriously MIA.So, I decided that I need to invent a device that is implanted into husbands on the day of their weddings. This device would enable wives to locate the husband at any given moment. I know, that's why cell phones were invented, but a cell phone does no good at all when they leave them in their trucks or have them on silent in their pockets. Do they all do this?

I haven't decided what I would call it or even how we would install it without their knowledge but I already know I'd have at least one buyer. Whataya say? Anymore takers?

Oh, and he did eventually show up with the desired crate and man-power to carry that crate. He and the boys had gotten bored waiting for the banquet to be over and were getting a little concerned about being in the presence of all that girly fru-fru stuff. So, they went and hung out at the local coffee shop. I guess I can't blame them.

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Tracy said...

I do think they all do that. Put me on your buyer list. There has to be some sort of GPS technology available that would do the trick. As far as when to install it, I would do it when my husband was sleeping. I figure if his own snoring isn't enough to wake him up (seriously, it's BAD), installing an itty bitty Husband Tracker should be no problem.