Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kids Are Fun

Four kids and a husband who works nights in a smallish house are not a good combination. Especially when a couple of the kids aren't used to being quiet, everyone loves to talk and laugh at the dinner table, and the master bedroom is right next to the dining room. Not good planning on my part when we first looked at this house. I just knew I loved the beams, the big kitchen, and the front porch. Hindsight.....

Anyway, last night we were having dinner and the new rule is when Dad's sleeping we all have to be quiet. So, the kids are gesturing to each other to pass things and that alone made for some interesting moments. But, then Skippy starts gesturing to Mississippi and everyone else just minds their own first. Then she begins gesturing a little more flamboyantly so I looked over thinking I could help figure out what she needed. She could have whispered it but she was having too much fun with this. Finally, after everyone's looking and we've offered her the ketchup, hot sauce, salt & pepper, and napkins, none of which were what she needed.

So, I asked her: "What are you trying to say?"

And she says, with a goofy grin: "I was telling Mississippi, 'It's really quiet'!"

LOL, crazy kid! Maybe you had to be there but we thought it was hilarious.
Um, Ricky was not amused though........ :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Found a Giveaway.....

And it's for an adoption fundraiser!

The Jones',, are adopting a little boy with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe. They are giving away a $100 Toys R Us giftcard and a $200 Visa giftcard. For a $5 donation you get entered into both drawings. You can't beat that and I figured if I shared with everyone who pops in here I get to help them out and possibly you too. You'll be thanking me if you win, or at least I hope you will.

And the Dickinson's,, are giving away a Wii. Same concept. You donate $5 and your name goes into the drawing to help them bring home their little boy.

*For those of you reading me on google reader, I apologize if this posted three times due to me screwing up this post......THREE times! lol

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fallen For An Angel

A Reece's Rainbow Christmas Angel, that is. There are so many of them that just tug at my heart strings and I wish I was a millionaire who could just adopt 10, 20, or more if that's what I wanted to do. Someday, I'm going to work in an orphanage or in some type of orphan ministry.

Have I mentioned before that I really feel that we are supposed to adopt a child with Down Syndrome? Ah yes, I have: See number 8 here? I thought there were other times but I guess I've been hesitant to put it out there . You know, that fear: "what if I'm wrong?" Especially after our experience getting our hopes up for LB. And on top of that because of how it ended up we don't even have an adoption homestudy and never got any of the money back that we paid for it. I still struggle with anger over that one. So, yeah, I guess that's why I'm hesitant to share any more what's on my heart in terms of our adoption hopes.

Now, with all that said......I think I have lost my mind. I have fallen for one of Reece's Rainbow's Christmas Angels. Her name is Victoria and she looks like she loves to talk on the telephone. I had a dream one night of two children, a little girl between 1 and 3 and an infant that I think was a boy. I was walking across a bridge and carrying both of them. Then Rick came alongside me and took the little girl from my arms to lighten my load. As he walked a little ahead of me she looked over his shoulder and smiled at me as a little girl would smile at her mommy. This little girl had Down syndrome and an Eastern European name. I've been asking myself if I dreamed of my child or did I just dream this because I have been reading the blog of a family who adopted a little girl recently from an Eastern European country with the same name as the one in my dream. I only know that I woke up with a peace in my heart and really felt that God had shown me my child. But, that fear is still there: "what if I'm wrong?"

My prayers the past few days have been that God will make His will clear and, if this is really something He wants, He will show Rick without a doubt that He is in it and we can do it. You see, my husband is afraid of the financial aspect of it. That is the only thing that holds him back. I honestly believe if someone said they would cover the entire cost of the adoption Rick would not have anything holding him back. And that makes me so sad. I hate it that the only thing keeping children from being placed in loving homes is money. I hate it that the people who have the love and desire to adopt these kids so often don't have the money to do it so they never try.

All I can do is continue to pray, right? Then, I guess that's what I'll do.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Not Sc-Sc-Sc-Sc-Scared.....

I got tagged again by the lovely Brandi. I have to post 15 things that I'm not afraid to admit. But, honestly as I've been sitting here thinking alot of them are things I am scared to admit. You know how we all think that everybody's got it goin' on so much better than us and we don't want anyone to see those things we don't want to admit cause the whole world will know we ain't got it goin' on like them?(whew, can we say "run on sentence"?) Anyway, I probably have to make that my number one thing I'm not afraid to admit, maybe then I can begin to "get over it", just like I tell my kids frequently.

So, here goes nothin':

  1. See the extra humongo run on sentence above, I struggle with that but I'm not afraid to admit...I'm working on it :)

  2. I was probably a borderline nerd in school. I'm pretty sure everyone liked me ok, but I wasn't really cool. Still not, but I don't care as much.

  3. I think adoption is amazing and is a visual representation here on Earth of what God the Father has done for us. I get really upset by those who do not agree and say mean and hateful things about those who have adopted or plan to adopt.

  4. I may be afraid to admit but will do it anyway....sometimes I just feel down in the dumps, lonely and have to give myself a good talking to to snap out of it. See this post.

  5. My kids seriously crack me up sometimes. They are so hilarious but in totally different ways. And just to toot my own horn, sometimes I crack myself up :) I'm probably too easily entertained.
  6. I am an internet addict. I have way too many blogs saved in my google reader and keep adding more. Is there a 12 step program for this?
  7. Oh yeah, I've become a FaceBook addict too. What is it with entering the 30's and reconnecting with folks from high school? I know it's not just me cause they're all there too!
  8. I hope to adopt a child with Down Syndrome someday. Actually feel pretty sure that someday will be a reality.
  9. I actually hope that once we adopt once I can convince Rickydoodle we should do it a few more times!
  10. I am very pro-life and do not feel any less a strong woman for that stand. Maybe I even feel stronger.
  11. I hate rejection and am not even sure where it stems from. My stint in foster care as a kid? Something before/after that? I'm sure that's why even a job rejection ( see #4) bugs me. I know it's not personal but it still messes me up a little bit. Guess I need to take that to my Abba.
  12. I am scared to death of camel crickets and hate them with a passion. See #5 of this post and the picture. You would be scared of them too!
  13. Jem was one of my favorite cartoons, along with She-Ra. I LOVED them! And probably watched them when I was "too old".
  14. I hate the movie Titanic. Never want to see it again! I know that really happened to real people and I just can't handle it.
  15. I'm turning 32 this year and I'm ok with it so far. I'm calling it my Sweet Sixteen X's 2. I even told Ricky he had to throw me a party, but I think he dropped the ball on that one. Either that or he's a really good faker!

All right I'm done! I'm not going to tag anybody this time cause I don't know who to tag and it's late. I should be in bed. If you want to play, please do and leave me comment so I can read yours.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I Lost the Job*

*(I just don't feel like doing the linky thing tonight but the job referenced is mentioned in the post before this one. And Brandi, I am working on that tag, promise :) Can I have a few more hours?)

Actually it was not mine to begin with but I was praying and thought that it would be so wonderful for me. I would love all the people I worked with and the work that I would do. And the best part were the hours that would allow me to be at home at critical times of the day so that I didn't feel like I was slacking on my family.

When I got the call tonight that I wasn't the one, I have to admit it upset me. I was really disappointed even though I have been praying for God's will. I know that the ones who were doing the hiring were praying as well and that all things happen for a reason. I think this was just the straw that broke the camel's back for me tonight. We really need for me to go to work but I just don't want to have a job that requires me to be out of the house more of the day than I'm at home. Especially with "The Girls" added to the mix right now. Some friends of mine have suggested that maybe the reason I've had so many interviews and just as many rejections is that perhaps God wants me at home right now. The thing is, God knows our financial situation and how tough things have been and how stressed my husband can get, and I can't help but wonder why if that's what He wants He hasn't given Rick that memo. Our friends don't know this though. We've been pretty quiet about how our financial situation has looked, but it's not pretty. I don't want to go to work to have extra money to blow. I need to go to work so that we can climb out of this pit. I hate it, but it is the sad reality.

I know this is the pity-partiest post I have ever put out here but I have been down in the dumps all night. Waffling back and forth about posting this or not and I just had to get it off my chest. I'm praying and crying out for answers but just getting it out here helps a little too. Anybody know of a great part-time job for a mom who's passionate about orphans and adoption?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Of Internet Addictions and Broken Computers

Remember this little guy?

He caused my computer, which allows me to daily satisfy my Internet addiction, to die. He thinks the power cord to my laptop is his own personal chew toy and when no one's watching he sinks his sharp little teeth right in. So, I went a few days recently with no Internet access when the power cord gave up it's fight and the battery on the laptop died. Luckily for him, or me depending how you look at it, the cord miraculously started working again sometime last night. Go figure. This was after we ordered one through B*st B*y.

Ricky's right, I am an addict.

This is what I found when I logged on today.

  • 338 blog posts in my Google Reader
  • 300+ email before the ladies in the church office took pity on me and let me use their computer yesterday
  • 3 L'il Greenpatch Requests, 1 message, 1 invitation, and tons of updates on FaceBook

I have posts rolling around in my head, but right now I just don't feel like doing anything but catching up on what everyone else has been up to. But, here's a small taste:

  • Mississippi learned that it's a bad idea to sharpen pencils with a knife/thumbs are more pliable than wood against a sharp blade (We have tons of sharpeners and she knows this. It's a mystery!)
  • I'm not happy about how the election turned out but we're teaching respect for the President no matter who he is and whether or not we agree with his policies.
  • "The Girls" had a visit scheduled with their dad, which he did not bother to show up for.
  • We learned that even if a complaint is logged, investigated and found to "be founded" against a parent, they still have a chance at getting custody. We're still a little shocked at that one.
  • I interviewed for a position in our church's office and hope they will offer me the job!

My unofficial hiatus is officially over and I am woman enough to admit that, yes, I am addicted to the Internet. And if Mojo comes near my computer again, he'll probably wind up toothless.

Just sayin'.....