Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Not Sc-Sc-Sc-Sc-Scared.....

I got tagged again by the lovely Brandi. I have to post 15 things that I'm not afraid to admit. But, honestly as I've been sitting here thinking alot of them are things I am scared to admit. You know how we all think that everybody's got it goin' on so much better than us and we don't want anyone to see those things we don't want to admit cause the whole world will know we ain't got it goin' on like them?(whew, can we say "run on sentence"?) Anyway, I probably have to make that my number one thing I'm not afraid to admit, maybe then I can begin to "get over it", just like I tell my kids frequently.

So, here goes nothin':

  1. See the extra humongo run on sentence above, I struggle with that but I'm not afraid to admit...I'm working on it :)

  2. I was probably a borderline nerd in school. I'm pretty sure everyone liked me ok, but I wasn't really cool. Still not, but I don't care as much.

  3. I think adoption is amazing and is a visual representation here on Earth of what God the Father has done for us. I get really upset by those who do not agree and say mean and hateful things about those who have adopted or plan to adopt.

  4. I may be afraid to admit but will do it anyway....sometimes I just feel down in the dumps, lonely and have to give myself a good talking to to snap out of it. See this post.

  5. My kids seriously crack me up sometimes. They are so hilarious but in totally different ways. And just to toot my own horn, sometimes I crack myself up :) I'm probably too easily entertained.
  6. I am an internet addict. I have way too many blogs saved in my google reader and keep adding more. Is there a 12 step program for this?
  7. Oh yeah, I've become a FaceBook addict too. What is it with entering the 30's and reconnecting with folks from high school? I know it's not just me cause they're all there too!
  8. I hope to adopt a child with Down Syndrome someday. Actually feel pretty sure that someday will be a reality.
  9. I actually hope that once we adopt once I can convince Rickydoodle we should do it a few more times!
  10. I am very pro-life and do not feel any less a strong woman for that stand. Maybe I even feel stronger.
  11. I hate rejection and am not even sure where it stems from. My stint in foster care as a kid? Something before/after that? I'm sure that's why even a job rejection ( see #4) bugs me. I know it's not personal but it still messes me up a little bit. Guess I need to take that to my Abba.
  12. I am scared to death of camel crickets and hate them with a passion. See #5 of this post and the picture. You would be scared of them too!
  13. Jem was one of my favorite cartoons, along with She-Ra. I LOVED them! And probably watched them when I was "too old".
  14. I hate the movie Titanic. Never want to see it again! I know that really happened to real people and I just can't handle it.
  15. I'm turning 32 this year and I'm ok with it so far. I'm calling it my Sweet Sixteen X's 2. I even told Ricky he had to throw me a party, but I think he dropped the ball on that one. Either that or he's a really good faker!

All right I'm done! I'm not going to tag anybody this time cause I don't know who to tag and it's late. I should be in bed. If you want to play, please do and leave me comment so I can read yours.

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:)De said...

Hey Melissa,

You are brave to list these things. Enjoyed your list... Saw you over at His Hands... Thought I would tell you that I will pray for your house, you pray for mine and we celebrate our move-in date together. LOL