Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are We Getting Anywhere?

That's what I've been asking myself the past few days. Cause it seems like things are finally moving. We've finally gotten past all the hoops and hurdles, but even though we're moving it seems to be at a snail's pace. I am ready to sprint the last little bit of this race and just get to the finish line already. Anybody with me?

So, officially where are we? That's what a lot of people have been asking. Well maybe not in those exact words but everyone wants to know: "What else?" So here's what else we have left to accomplish before we get that travel date and FINALLY get to squeeze our little Princess.
  • The Home study needs to officially be finished and approved. It is right on the edge of being there but a few documents were lost "never received". Once they have those and I clear up a couple questions for the actual SW we will be done. Praise God!! I will probably have a party when that day comes.
  • When the HS is done it will go to USCIS and we will wait for them to approve our application and issue the I171H which will need to be included as part of our dossier and gives permission for Liza to get a Visa to come to the US (or something like that). Only the USCIS officer thinks that we have not been fingerprinted because, "We would not have issued a fingerprint appointment without having your Home study on file. You are mistaken." Too bad for her I still have the forms stamped and dated that say we were fingerprinted right there in the NOVA USCIS office. I swear I DO NOT make this stuff up.
  • After we get the I171 we will get all the dossier documents apostilled and we can send the entire thing to our facilitator in Liza's country.
  • Then we wait maybe two weeks for a travel date! 
  • Then we travel there, do all the official in-country stuff, and BRING HER HOME! Can't wait for that part. And sometimes can't believe we are actually finally this close. 
Think I can sprint it without having a heart attack? :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Update on Pampered Chef

**Breaking News!! On Wednesday the 20th from 4-9PM EST all online orders will receive a free gift with their order. So, if you're on the fence about ordering or dragging your feet I suggest you get that order in then so you can get a little something extra for free. Come on, who doesn't like free? :)**
*If anyone still wants to order, the show will be open until Wednesday evening. Simply go to Rachel's Website and click SHOP NOW, then type LIZA in the host name box, and go shopping! Thanks*

Saturday was the Pampered Chef fundraiser and I think it did really well. Plus, it was fun and we ate yummy food. Caramel brownies and Garlic pull-apart bread, I'm drooling just thinking about it. I should've taken pictures so you could drool too. Ahh, hindsight.....

The most amazing thing that came out of it was three of my friends decided to host their own parties, which gets the Liza fund $10 each one, BUT on top of that they want their parties to be a continuation of this fundraiser! That means they will be hosting fundraiser parties with all the proceeds going to Liza's fund. I was so blessed by them that I couldn't even thank them without wanting to cry. I have really awesome friends who believe in what we are doing. How can you not praise God for that?! Thanks friends.

The other good thing that came out of this was the people who just wanted to donate but couldn't make it to the party. I guess I hadn't been as diligent in sharing what we were doing as I thought. So many said that they didn't even realize we were adopting and were willing to support us in some way. Those donations were an unexpected blessing, but so appreciated.

I don't know the totals from all the orders yet, we're keeping the party open for a few more days for anyone else who wants to order. I do know that just having that time to be surrounded by friends and know that we are supported in this was really good for me. It encouraged me to keep pushing through until Liza is here with us. Although, I'm now thinking I may have to fight off a bunch of women on Sunday mornings if I want to see my daughter. Ehh, could be worse I guess.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Music and Life: Worth it All

This song was brought back to my mind yesterday, thanks to Tracie. I had written typed a post back in May using this song and was glad to be reminded of it again. Especially in light of everything we've gone through since May. Hmm, maybe let's take a little stroll down memory lane:

  • First it was finding out the HS agency wasn't gonna be so easy to work with. (See post linked above)
  • Then some not true things were said by our former foster child or someone close to her. Still never got the full story on that. All I know is that we were maybe the "bad guys" for a bit. Minor bad guys, but it still hurt to have our name dragged down like that.
  • Car trouble - as in, having to buy a new one kind of trouble. Which took a little bite out of the 401K money that we had borrowed to pay adoption expenses.
  • Commissioner of Revenue trouble.
  • Then came the Psychologist Saga 
  • After we finally found Dr. Psychologist and met with him he went AWOL on us. Yep, he thought the reports were faxed by his assistant, disappeared for a while, only to come back to frantic messages from me. Poor guy probably hopes he never has to see me again :) Honestly, I hope the same. No offense Dr. Psychologist.
  • Now, I find myself feeling lonely and depressed at times. We are almost at the end of this and everything has finally smoothed out with the actual process and my emotions go hay-wire. Maybe it's a spiritual attack? Maybe it's hormones and stress? I tend to think it's a little bit of both, but I'm hanging in there.
So, I list all the hurdles we've had to jump and all the stresses and people probably wonder, "Why?! Why put yourself through this?" All I can answer to that is this:

I look at this sweet little face and I know that it's all gonna be worth it. One day I am gonna hold her in my arms and hear her sweet laugh or feel her arms hug my neck and I will know all of this was worth it.