Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are We Getting Anywhere?

That's what I've been asking myself the past few days. Cause it seems like things are finally moving. We've finally gotten past all the hoops and hurdles, but even though we're moving it seems to be at a snail's pace. I am ready to sprint the last little bit of this race and just get to the finish line already. Anybody with me?

So, officially where are we? That's what a lot of people have been asking. Well maybe not in those exact words but everyone wants to know: "What else?" So here's what else we have left to accomplish before we get that travel date and FINALLY get to squeeze our little Princess.
  • The Home study needs to officially be finished and approved. It is right on the edge of being there but a few documents were lost "never received". Once they have those and I clear up a couple questions for the actual SW we will be done. Praise God!! I will probably have a party when that day comes.
  • When the HS is done it will go to USCIS and we will wait for them to approve our application and issue the I171H which will need to be included as part of our dossier and gives permission for Liza to get a Visa to come to the US (or something like that). Only the USCIS officer thinks that we have not been fingerprinted because, "We would not have issued a fingerprint appointment without having your Home study on file. You are mistaken." Too bad for her I still have the forms stamped and dated that say we were fingerprinted right there in the NOVA USCIS office. I swear I DO NOT make this stuff up.
  • After we get the I171 we will get all the dossier documents apostilled and we can send the entire thing to our facilitator in Liza's country.
  • Then we wait maybe two weeks for a travel date! 
  • Then we travel there, do all the official in-country stuff, and BRING HER HOME! Can't wait for that part. And sometimes can't believe we are actually finally this close. 
Think I can sprint it without having a heart attack? :)


Michele said...

Hi Melissa, I am slowly catching up down here in Raleigh. I know the waiting is painstaking, but I am so happy to read that things are just so close for you and Liza. I just prayed for you and the remaining details for your dossier. I take comfort in knowing we have a precious Lord that loves you and Liza so much, and He is walking this every step of the way with you.
Hugs, and God Bless,

Anonymous said...

The part about swearing you don't make this stuff up made me laugh. I soooo remember being in the midst of an adoption and having just about EVERYTHING go wrong that could, and I kept thinking, "People are going to think I'm lying because, really, how many screw ups and delays can there be in one adoption????"

Kelly said...

Hey guys... so you know I entered Liza in a super bowl pool and her numbers are 2 and 2 so if any teams score ends in 2 or 2 at any quarter or half she is gonna get a payoff....good luck our princess!!!!xoxoxo

Melissa :) said...

You are getting so close! Won't it be such a relief to wrap up all these loose ends! SO exciting! :)