Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Way to Help Liza

*The Fundraiser give-away for Liza is back on. This time all money donated goes straight to our Reece's Rainbow FSP. That makes it tax-deductible for anyone who donates. Suggested donation amount will remain the same as what I have below.
A friend of mine from church, Robyn, graciously made and donated a sweet toddler-size quilt to us. We hope to give it away to someone who donates to our adoption fund. She gave it to me before the issues came up with our home study and I hadn't sat down to put up this post yet.

Now, I think I know why. We heard from another psychologist who actually practices in our area and he is willing to meet with us and write the letter we would need to be able to proceed with the home study. He is only asking for $675, which is a heck of a lot better than the last one we talked to!

SO, getting back to the quilt! I am really hoping to put every bit of money we might receive towards this $675. Even though it's less than what we were quoted by the others it's still a good chunk of money that we weren't counting on. I really want to get a pretty good response to this and get in to see this psychologist much sooner rather than later. My girl has been waiting in that orphanage long enough!

I thought a suggested donation of $5 would be wonderful! Thanks!

This is a shot of the quilt folded in half.
I just couldn't get a good picture of the whole thing. Each square has a different type of dog in it. they are all adorable.
I wanted to show a close-up of the background here and how it looks against the front.
It's all little paw prints, really cute!

And this one is a close-up of one of the squares. My personal favorite, the dog and his bandanna. And don't you just love the little white paw prints running thru the black material? :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


That's what one of the psychologists we heard back from wants for meeting with us twice and writing up a report for the home study agency. I am just totally disgusted by this whole thing! I just don't understand why we have to do this at all. I also found out that it apparently would be illegal for the foster care agency to have made any negative remarks about us, especially considering we were never under investigation for anything.

At this rate we are almost considering hiring a whole new agency. We may get some of our money back from the one we are with now and even if not it's cheaper than having the evaluation done. We just don't know what is the right thing to do and really just want this whole ridiculous problem to go away.

Please continue to stand with us as we command this mountain to be moved!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


My kids are nuts!

They are always saying things that just make me chuckle and shake my head at them. I usually just call them a "knucklehead" and move on. I've decided that I need to start blogging these things so that I have them to remember and maybe even use as blackmail some day.

Here's a classic example of some Austin "knuckleheadedness":

We're talking about the new extra-curricular class he's in (cause he missed being put in Spanish on account of he told the teacher last year he was gonna be home schooled this year, don't ask. It's a post all it's own.) called "guidance" . This "class" is supposed to introduce them to different careers and prepare them for when they are ready for that decision? Um yeah, still not really sure.

Me: So, what do you think you want to be when you grow up Austin? An architect?

Austin: (with very bland, dry emotion, typical Austin) Nah....

Me: An engineer?

Austin: Nah....

Me: A chemist?

Austin: Nah.....

Me: doctor? lawyer? what?

Austin: (straight faced and without missing a beat) Superman

If he was 5 I'd say, "Aw, how cute!", but he's almost 13 so I chuckle and say "Knucklehead!"

Friday, August 14, 2009

Step Forward, Step Back, Step Forward, Step Back

Sounds like a CSI line-up, huh? Nope, it's the current state of conditions in this adoption. We take a step forward, and then we take a step back; we get bad news, but then we get good news and so on and so forth.

Remember that paper I needed from my county that I couldn't get the lady to write for me? Well, yesterday a very nice gentleman who works as the building inspector came out to my home looked around a TINY bit, filled out the form, went with me to the bank to sign it in front of a notary, and then told me if I needed anything else I knew where to find him! So, our proof of ownership letter is DONE! Praise Jesus.

On top of that bit of amazing news, we also got our mortgage letter from Ch@s3 sent to us via F3d-3X just a couple days after I faxed the request to them. It was PERFECT! The. First. Time. This has been notorious for being another one that took people months to get and then having to have redone cause it's never right the first time. I am still in shock over how easy it was, but so thankful!

Now, that was a couple giant steps forward. BUT! You knew that was comin', right? We got a call from the homestudy agency early this week telling us that they received some kinda not nice info about us (of course, we don't get to know from who or what) and we should meet with a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and have them write a letter. Then, they will have a meeting and decide whether to finish our homestudy. That is a HUGE step backwards. Without the homestudy we can have 500 dossiers and still not be able to adopt Liza.

So, I have spent the last few days calling all the local psychologists hoping one of them will do this for us. Only one of them has called back so far and he didn't feel qualified to do it since he is so new at practicing. We are praying for someone who is understanding and won't just judge us from whatever this bad news the HS agency has received is. More than having to go through all this hassle I am just devastated that someone has besmirched us in some way. And that even though the HS agency has at least three wonderful reference letters from people we know this can have such an effect. It just doesn't feel fair.

Please continue to pray with me that the Lord would remove every obstacle in our path. I have been asking him to move this mountain that is in front of us. Whether it's by finding a wonderful psychologist who will write a letter that is acceptable to the HS agency or just removing the need to see one at all. I am so tired of all this and just want to get Liza home. The enemy may attack, but I refuse to let him win!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Things I Ponder: 8-8-09

I was just reading an article on running after spending a good part of the morning researching the city Liza is in and it got me thinking: How am I going to run in a city in a foreign country? Am I really going to be brave enough to just put on my running shoes and go for a run? But, if I'm there for 4 or 5 weeks I'm definitely not going to want to totally take a break for that long. I'd probably lose every little bit I've gained in running for the last few months. Hubby says, "Just pack your running shoes." Yeah, easy for the soccer star to say. He just finds a bunch of folks kicking the ball around and joins in. I have to decide if I really want to take my chances as a barely hundred pound American woman running around an Eastern European city. BY. MYSELF. I like to think I'm brave but I don't know if I'm that brave.

Hmmmm, what to do? That is my dilemma of the day. Any other runners have advice to give?

Friday, August 7, 2009

My New Hair

If you noticed my tweet from a couple days ago (See sidebar), you may have noticed that I got a haircut and I was brave. In case you wanted to see how brave I thought I'd try ot post a before and after. And if you didn't wonder then I'm just stroking my own ego. OK? OK!

So, this is Melissa before:

Ok, just kidding that was a silly picture my kids took of me one night. I found it when I was searching for the before and couldn't resist. Yes, I know, I'm a dork.

This is the real before picture:

And this is the after, with my eyes closed. Because I either have to close my eyes or open my mouth when some one takes my picture. Seems to be a requirement for me.

Hey! There we go, an after picture with my eyes open and mouth shut. I knew I could do it :)

I like my new hair. Even if I can't quite make it look like the lady at the hair salon did.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adoption Progress, A Little Anyway

We are making a little bit of progress in this adoption. We have been fingerprinted by USCIS, our HS should be done fairly soon (I hope), we have a good portion of our dossier documents done. We only need the I171H, the HS, and a few other docs that we won't get till the HS is done, then our dossier should be complete.

We are still having issues with our County's Commissioner of the Revenue. She doesn't want to sign off on living space. However, everyone we talk to says that it's common for anything under roof to be considered living space, excluding porches, garages, etc. We have even suggested that we have someone come out and measure the actual "living space" in our house so that she feels more comfortable and have not received a reply. This is probably the biggest hold up we are facing right now. Please pray that this door would be opened for us. I can't wait to post that we finally have that piece of paper in our hands.

On a nice side note, I have been introduced via Facebook to a missionary who works in the orphanages in Liza's city. I am so excited at the chance to get acquainted with someone who actually spends time with my girl! I, of course, had to look through her pictures and it looks like she really enjoys spending time with Liza. Makes me really miss her and yearn more and more for the day we can go and get her. Oh please, Jesus, let it be soon!