Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adoption Progress, A Little Anyway

We are making a little bit of progress in this adoption. We have been fingerprinted by USCIS, our HS should be done fairly soon (I hope), we have a good portion of our dossier documents done. We only need the I171H, the HS, and a few other docs that we won't get till the HS is done, then our dossier should be complete.

We are still having issues with our County's Commissioner of the Revenue. She doesn't want to sign off on living space. However, everyone we talk to says that it's common for anything under roof to be considered living space, excluding porches, garages, etc. We have even suggested that we have someone come out and measure the actual "living space" in our house so that she feels more comfortable and have not received a reply. This is probably the biggest hold up we are facing right now. Please pray that this door would be opened for us. I can't wait to post that we finally have that piece of paper in our hands.

On a nice side note, I have been introduced via Facebook to a missionary who works in the orphanages in Liza's city. I am so excited at the chance to get acquainted with someone who actually spends time with my girl! I, of course, had to look through her pictures and it looks like she really enjoys spending time with Liza. Makes me really miss her and yearn more and more for the day we can go and get her. Oh please, Jesus, let it be soon!

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Michele said...

We had challenges getting that piece of paper also, for different reasons, tho, but still frustrating. Our lastest challenge was the proof of mortgage paper. Go up the chain of command - it worked for us.
What an amazing blessing to be in contact with someone who knows Liza - that is awesome. Praise the Lord for crossing your paths!! I'm praying for you!!!!
Michele, Adopting Morgan