Friday, August 14, 2009

Step Forward, Step Back, Step Forward, Step Back

Sounds like a CSI line-up, huh? Nope, it's the current state of conditions in this adoption. We take a step forward, and then we take a step back; we get bad news, but then we get good news and so on and so forth.

Remember that paper I needed from my county that I couldn't get the lady to write for me? Well, yesterday a very nice gentleman who works as the building inspector came out to my home looked around a TINY bit, filled out the form, went with me to the bank to sign it in front of a notary, and then told me if I needed anything else I knew where to find him! So, our proof of ownership letter is DONE! Praise Jesus.

On top of that bit of amazing news, we also got our mortgage letter from Ch@s3 sent to us via F3d-3X just a couple days after I faxed the request to them. It was PERFECT! The. First. Time. This has been notorious for being another one that took people months to get and then having to have redone cause it's never right the first time. I am still in shock over how easy it was, but so thankful!

Now, that was a couple giant steps forward. BUT! You knew that was comin', right? We got a call from the homestudy agency early this week telling us that they received some kinda not nice info about us (of course, we don't get to know from who or what) and we should meet with a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and have them write a letter. Then, they will have a meeting and decide whether to finish our homestudy. That is a HUGE step backwards. Without the homestudy we can have 500 dossiers and still not be able to adopt Liza.

So, I have spent the last few days calling all the local psychologists hoping one of them will do this for us. Only one of them has called back so far and he didn't feel qualified to do it since he is so new at practicing. We are praying for someone who is understanding and won't just judge us from whatever this bad news the HS agency has received is. More than having to go through all this hassle I am just devastated that someone has besmirched us in some way. And that even though the HS agency has at least three wonderful reference letters from people we know this can have such an effect. It just doesn't feel fair.

Please continue to pray with me that the Lord would remove every obstacle in our path. I have been asking him to move this mountain that is in front of us. Whether it's by finding a wonderful psychologist who will write a letter that is acceptable to the HS agency or just removing the need to see one at all. I am so tired of all this and just want to get Liza home. The enemy may attack, but I refuse to let him win!


Faith said...

awww...glad for the good news and sorry about the bad news...hoping it works out for you smoother than you expect. =)

Michele said...

Melissa, stay strong no matter what, and don't let the enemy bring you down...that's exactly what he wants, and he's thrilled when it happens. We know because He tells us that there will be troubles, but do not fear, He has overcome the world!! Praying for you and all this to come to an end.
Love, Michele (Adopting Morgan)

Dawn said...

CONGRATS on the good stuff and I hope the others is worked out soon. Our son has a troubling making mother of a classmate last year and we were REALLY afraid that she would cause us problems with our adoption.

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

I've only just seen this. I'm so sorry. I am going to post on RR yahoo a prayer that is Scripture that I hope you can pray each day and destroy the enemy!

The enemy does not want these children to have families. He knows they are part of the hem of heaven. He knows that they bring people closer to God. He knows that they were born for God's work to show through them.

But guess what, he also knows he's already been defeated. He just needs to know that YOU know he's been defeated and well, in Isaiah 49.25 (need to double check this) GOD HIMSELF says He has and will fight for our children. NOT ONE OF OUR CHILDREN will be lost.

Well, look for the post on yahoo. I will post it later today when Eden is asleep (as in our evening here in London but your afternoon).

Blessings to you!