Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weird Fact Wednesday: The Cowardly Version......Or Not

Ok, yes, I know - this blog is B.O.R.I.N.G. I have been in a funk the last couple months and just haven't had much to say. So, I'm gonna try a new weekly blog post called Weird Fact Wednesday, in which I will be sharing weird facts about "yours truly" on Wednesdays. Cause you always wanted to know all those weird facts about me, right? Well, even if you don't someday my kids or grandkids will. Won't they? And it'll all be right here for them to find. Until then, enjoy week one of Weird Fact Wednesday.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had this thing for Kenny Rogers. That's not exactly the weird fact. My utmost favorite song by him was "Coward of the County", I really don't know why cause I just listened to it again for the first time in a while and went.... "OOO KAY!" And that's not ok in a good way. 

So, yeah, weird fact about me: I used to really LOVE a song about a dude who let's people walk all over him and then one day snaps. Umm, maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere? That's probably a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day!

(And Kenny, if you're reading this, I still love you! But that song needs a little help. Just sayin....)



Kaci Calvaresi said...

I might just have to steal your idea. I have lots of weird facts about myself that I could reveal. Since you've always been a Kenny fan, I feel safe confessing to you that I was a huge Roy Clark fan (Hee Haw) as a child and I have always longed to play the banjo as a result.

Melissa :) said...

Oh Lord have mercy, I think I know ALL of Kenny Roger's songs! Oh yes I do! I do believe my dad owned every 8 track! Baha! 8 tracks! I ♥ Kenny Rogers too.

And I love this Weird Fact Wednesday! Too fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Now there's a blast from the past. I haven't heard that song in decades! I always liked it, too. Hmm . . . still kinda do (except for the part where Becky gets raped -- guess I didn't get that as a kid). But I kinda like a man who can be man enough to walk away from fights EXCEPT when it comes to defending/avenging his wife.