Friday, February 19, 2010

Now Featuring

Us on the Reece's Rainbow blog! Reece's Rainbow's own Lu, over at Poppies Blooming, does a series called "Meet the Families" for all the Reece's Rainbow families in the process of adopting and it was our turn. So, if you've wondered why we're adopting or how we decided on Liza there are a few answers there. It sure was nice to see my Girl's picture front and center!

The button below can be grabbed and added to your blog if you'd like to help spread the word and get the families of Reece's Rainbow noticed. If you click on it you can find the code at the Reece's Rainbow blog.

Even more exciting than that, is this: Reece's Rainbow is featured in PEOPLE magazine! I think that is so cool. Imagine the numbers of people who will be reading about this ministry in the next few days. You'll find them in the "Heroes Among Us" section of the issue pictured below.

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