Thursday, March 4, 2010

Knuckleheadedness: Spongbob

Remember this post about Austin? And then of course Noah had to have his turn. Well, this time Rick started it and Noah was happy to oblige us with another example of Knuckleheadedness.

See, Noah has a little issue with ADD and he is somewhat quirky, which makes him so funny without really even trying to be. He says things sometimes and we all bust out laughing and he's looking at us with this grin like, "what?". It is really hard to figure out how he stores things in that head of his. Like the time he was trying to remember his buddy's phone number and asked Austin what ours used to be. Huh? The two numbers were nothing alike but he figured it out. I have no idea........

This is how it went down the other night:

Rick: "Noah! HOW do you store things in that brain of yours?!"

Noah: "Well, one time I watched Spongebob and it showed inside his head and he had all these little Spongebobs with filing cabinets......"

Rick: "Well, there you go....."

Me (thinking): Oh boy!

Honestly, we all laughed so had we had tears rolling down our faces. Maybe you just have to know Noah like we do, but I think he hit the nail on the head answering that question and that's why it was so funny.

No wonder he always liked that Sponge dude.

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Melissa :) said...

My Cade is your Noah. :)