Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting Our Fifteen Minutes - Update

I wanted to wait until we had a date that the article would run before I let everyone know how it turned out, but since it's been almost two weeks and we still don't really know yet I thought I'd do an update now and another later.

We were interviewed by Darleen Nichols with the Free-Lance Star, and will be featured in the Town and Country section of the Sunday edition. Um, one Sunday here soon. LOL

The interview itself was great! Darleen, the lady from the paper, was so easy to talk to and such a nice lady. She brought her husband, Jackie, with her and I got the feeling that he's a character who was being on his best behaviour. I think what gave away that impression was when we were asked where we were from and Rick said New York,  Mr Jackie said something to the effect of, "Oh Lord!". I cracked up, and then Mrs. Darleen said, "That's probably what Melissa said when y'all first met!" Haha! Poor Rick, he's not used to being ganged up on.

If I ever have to be interviewed again for any type of news story I hope that it's just like this was. We just sat and chatted like friends who were catching up and of course talking about the things I am most passionate about may have helped. Can't wait until the story is published. I'm still hoping for hearts to be touched and more kids to find families.

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