Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things I Ponder: How He Loves Us

The other morning I heard David Crowder Band's "How He Loves".

Now I have heard this song many times and I really like it. Sometimes it's just there in the background and I enjoy listening to it but other times I really listen and engage and begin to worship. This was the experience I had last Friday, and suddenly the words "Drawn to Redemption by the Grace in His eyes" hit me and my only thought was "Wow!" Then:

-What does it really mean to be "DRAWN to redemption"?
-Do we really realize that there is Grace in His EYES?! Do I understand that when He's looking at me it's with a gaze full of Grace? Wow!

I mean, yes, I understand that there is Grace. That's how we are able to be saved He has shown us grace and mercy. But, I don't think I always understand that He is constantly looking at me with grace. And when I do think about it it blows me away. Maybe it's just me?

So, I've been pondering since then and wanted to share and maybe ask others to ponder with me. What are your thoughts friends? Do you realize the extent of the Grace that is in His eyes for you? Oh, how He loves us!

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