Monday, September 21, 2009

Knuckleheadedness: Noah's Turn

Remember when I talked about Austin's Knuckleheadedness? Can't have you thinking he's the only one. Noah is every bit as much a Knucklehead as his brother is.

Where do these kids get this from, by the way? Did Austin teach Noah or were they born like this? I am pretty sure I had nothing to do with it. *cough, cough*

We are sitting at the kitchen counter looking up a recipe for something on the Internet. One of them we run across calls for lard. After I explained what lard was Austin asked why the recipe called for it and not say....butter.

This is what happened after that:

ME: "Well, the lard is supposed to....."
(and there goes ADD Mom's attention caught by something on the Internet)

(So Noah being his helpful little self finishes my sentence for me)
NOAH: "help block your arteries?" *GRIN*

ME: "Um, yeah that's what it's supposed to do."
(heavy on the dramatic eye rolling and sarcasm)

ME: "Knucklehead!"

I'm beginning to think I'm outnumbered around here.

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