Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Conversations With Rick: Is that Aretha Good?

Rick and I have some hilarious conversations at times. He is one of the funniest people I know and is very quick. He snaps come-backs out of nowhere sometimes that make me laugh out loud even when I'm trying to be mad at him. I'm contemplating trying to remember some of them and feature them right here on the little ole blog for memories, or blackmail..... whichever I feel the need for at the moment.

Here's one from yesterday. Poor hubby is sharp as a tack but pronunciation (or as he says, "prunciation") is not his forte.

A little background, we're talking about how things can always be improved on.

"so, a Good thing can be Better!"
"And a Better thing can become Great!"
"And a Great thing can be Fantastic!"
"And a Fantastic thing can be Arethrile!"

ME: (thinking)
"Did he say Arethrile? What's that, Aretha Franklin good?"
"I guess that could be pretty good"

ME: (out loud)
"What?" "What did you say?"


ME: (laughing my head off)
"That's Ethereal"

Rick: (laughing in spite of himself)

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