Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adoption Progress and Humbling Myself

I promised an update on our adoption process, plus I know I look forward to them on adoption blogs I read, so here's a run down of where we are.

  • About halfway done with HS. It took us too long to agree on who to use and once we decided we found out that they wanted the full fee up front, all paperwork done, and 15 hours of education done before sending out the SW. But, we went with them specifically for a certain SW so we're hanging in there.
  • Our passports came today! YAY!! We applied on April 27th, I believe, so they came somewhat quickly I guess.
  • We have the I600A filled out and all the paperwork, besides the HS, to submit with it. Been holding off so it's not there too long before we FINALLY finish this Home study update.
  • Our physicals have been done and the forms for HS are filled out. We are pretty sure mine for Liza's country is good and getting one thing on Rick's fixed next week and then that is done! Phew!
  • My employment verification for Ukraine is done. Hoping Rick's will be done soon. That just leaves the ones for HS, but they will send a letter for that.
  • We have contacted someone to do our mortgage verification for Chase and hope to get that done this week as well.
  • Got our Marriage Certificates about two weeks ago.
All those things actually take a chunk out of the dossier requirements for Liza's country. We are so ready to get the I600A submitted and the HS done.
One of the things that has been holding us back from submitting payment for the HS and sending the I600A is the fees. We had a chunk of money we planned to use for those that we ended up using for unforeseen car trouble. If anyone wants to donate towards these fees we would so greatly appreciate it. Even $2 would help if enough people donated. I don't want money to buy nice clothes or go out to dinner with my family, I want to pay the fees I have to pay to get my Liza home. We do have other fundraisers in the works, one I will be posting in a day or two, but I just want to get these two hurdles out of our way and move on to the big ones. The in-country fees.
This is the hardest part of this whole thing for me. Waiting on God to provide for each need so we can move to the next step. It's also hard for me to ask for help. I've been praying for days for miraculous provision for these fees and felt that maybe I need to humble myself and let others know of the need. That is SO hard for me to do, and maybe that's why I need to do it.
Thanks in advance to any who donate and to those of you who are faithfully praying as we move along this journey. I just know that Liza is going to be such a blessing to us and to the greater community at large, I just feel this in my heart. I can't wait until we actually get her here. It's gonna be awesome and SO worth it all! Watch the video, the song is what runs through my head when I'm starting to think that I can't take the stress anymore.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I am so praying for you and for the funds! I so understand. we have the homestudy paid for but not uscis so we can file 1 600. IN JESUS name you will have an increase in donations and you will have the money and then some soon! I am praying God will show off in your adoption quickly!

Dearest Jessica said...

Wow, so cool. Such a long jouney but so worth it!