Saturday, November 29, 2008

Found a Giveaway.....

And it's for an adoption fundraiser!

The Jones',, are adopting a little boy with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe. They are giving away a $100 Toys R Us giftcard and a $200 Visa giftcard. For a $5 donation you get entered into both drawings. You can't beat that and I figured if I shared with everyone who pops in here I get to help them out and possibly you too. You'll be thanking me if you win, or at least I hope you will.

And the Dickinson's,, are giving away a Wii. Same concept. You donate $5 and your name goes into the drawing to help them bring home their little boy.

*For those of you reading me on google reader, I apologize if this posted three times due to me screwing up this post......THREE times! lol

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Collin and Amanda said...


Thank you so much for mentioning our fundraiser on your blog! I truly can't say thanks enough for all the kindness that is being shown to us during our journey.

Good Luck with the drawing!