Friday, July 4, 2008


We met with our SW yesterday and she does not want to finish our home study. She believed us that we really did everything we could in the situation with our former foster children and the the agency hung us out to try but she thinks we should not adopt at this time. That we should put our "energies to help a child into other endeavors". We don't want to "help" a child we want to add to our family.

We are disappointed and I hate that we have lost the money that we paid to her. However, we are going to move forward with our PRIDE training and see what the future brings us. Plus, after everything, we are just glad to not have to deal with her anymore. This also means that we won't be adopting LB*, I hope that a family comes forward for her.

Maybe I have been trying on my own to make this happen and not really listening to my Father. It's hard but I think all of this has forced me to step back and give up control.

*If anyone knows of a family looking for a little girl around 6 with a gorgeous smile and sweet personality please contact me. She does have CP and is nonverbal, she uses a ponywalker and a wheelchair to be mobile and a supertalker to communicate. There is a video her agency will send to interested families.


Christina said...

oh, I'm sorry. I know you must be really disappointed. Praying for God's best for your family and for LB.

Michelle said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog!

I'm sorry to hear this news that your SW didn't want to proceed with the homestudy - how frustrating that must be, especially after putting money towards it too. Praying for everything to work out like it's supposed to and you'll be able to add to your family!