Sunday, July 6, 2008

Redeeming Waters

I just finished reading Tom Davis' new book, "Red Letters-Living a Faith that Bleeds" and I'm going to blog about it, hopefully, tomorrow. Tonight, though, I stopped by Brandi's and after reading this post felt compelled to help.

Watch the video and maybe you'll feel led to live out the "Red Letters" as well.

I don't think you could read the book and not feel called to make a difference in some way. I couldn't look at the faces of those kids, hear the statistics, and look at their water without feeling I could do a little bit of something. I wouldn't want my own kids to have to drink that water, and Jesus doesn't want His children to have to drink it either. That's why He asks us to be His Hands and Feet.

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Brandi said...

Sweet!!! Thank you so much! Getting the word out is HUGE!

PS I can't wait for your Red Letters Post!!!