Sunday, July 6, 2008

Adoption Induced Insanity?

I either drank some spiked coffee at church this morning or the adoption/homestudy stress has driven me over the deep end. I'll tell you what's going on and you can weigh in with a diagnosis, how's that? But, be nice.

As we are driving home Rickydoodle stops at a stoplight and the Missy-mobile is not slowing down fast enough for my liking. Ricky actually does this on purpose cause he likes to see me hold onto that holder-on thing, I think. Usually I fuss at him and he says he's driving not me and I stick my tongue out at him. This time I grabbed the holder-on thing and said really loud, "EEEEAARRRCCCHHHHHH!!" (you know, the tire squeal noise little boys make when they play cars? See what I mean about too much testosterone?) My kids thought that was great and they all laughed so hard the folks next to us made sure to beat a retreat out of there as soon as the light turned green. I haven't made that sound since I used to play cars with the boys when they were little. I'm still laughing about it now and Mojo keeps looking at me like this:

Yeah, I have taken a turn around the bend.

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