Friday, July 25, 2008

How 'Bout a Cold One?

So, I have this Brita Pitcher-that I LOVE-because our water always tastes like bleach to me. I like knowing my water is clean but bleach in my water is a little too much, thank you.

Anyway, the other day I poured myself a glass of my bleach free water. But, before I could enjoy it I noticed that the bottom of the pitcher looked a little green. No big deal, I just figured there was a stain on my horrid counter top. Nope! I moved the pitcher and the green moved with it. Uh Oh! Turns out that since I don't like to run out of my nice clean, bleach free water and I kept refilling every time it would get a little low, a little film developed on the bottom of my pitcher. YUCK!!!

Now, I struggled with sharing this, cause I tend to worry TOO much what others will think of me. But, it just kept coming back to me and along with it thoughts of them

and the fact that this water is the only choice they have. They don't have the option of a filter to filter out the bleach taste. They don't even have the option of the water WITH the bleach taste. What you see is it. That's what they have every day, and apparently they don't even always have that.

If it takes a little green film on the bottom of my water pitcher to bring the plight of these children back to my mind, or someone thinking I don't keep my stuff clean to bring them to their mind, then I say- " Thank you Jesus for green stuff in my water!" Cause you see, I took that pitcher and I cleaned it out real good and filled it up again with fresh clean water. Those kids can't clean theirs that easily.

Don't you wanna help?

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