Thursday, November 5, 2009

Claire/The Angel Tree

Remember Claire? She's the little one I'm praying for during the Holiday's this year. she's still waiting for her Mom and Dad to come for her. To adopt her into a loving family and out of the orphanage. Away from the threat of the institution.

Even if you don't feel that you are called to adopt I encourage you to take a look at Reece's Rainbow's Angel Tree and sponsor one or more of the children featured there. There is truly no shortage of families that are ready and willing to bring these children home, but there is a shortage of funds all too often.

The NUMBER ONE reason I hear for people not adopting is the cost. So, please sponsor a child. I would love for it to be Claire, but go and take a look at the Angel Tree and decide for yourself. Reece's Rainbow will send you an ornament for every $35 donation and it's Tax-deductible. It can be a wonderful way to teach your kids to pray for the orphans. Hang the ornament on your Christmas Tree or display it in a prominent place to remind you to pray every day. I can tell you, it's an amazing feeling when you find out a child you've been praying for has been committed to by a family.

Let's see the lives of some special kids changed this Christmas! To get to the Angel Tree click on the Reece's Rainbow Christmas Ornament on the sidebar or this link MAKE SURE to mark any donations with Claire's (or the child you choose) name so that the donation is marked specifically for them.

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Kelly said...

Did u know my #1 daughter is Claire? Saw on The RR site that your HS is up and going!! Good!! Just a matter of time 'till Liza is home. I am still waiting to hear who got Lera.'s not us DARN!! My DH is so stubborn. Keep praying for him to change his mind. I also love Anastasia, Region 13---Russia.