Monday, November 30, 2009

Need Some Decorating Help

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So, what do you see here? A hideous choice of paired colors? Or, two colors that might actually have potential together? Hubby and I set out to paint the kitchen a color that would go with the cabinets that came with the house. Cause even the thought of painting the cabinets gives me a headache and a slight panic attack, and replacing them costs a heck of a lot more than a few gallons of paint.

Anyway, this is the color we finally decided on, and a professional approved, but now that I've painted one wall I don't think I like the two of them together and don't want to finish the kitchen. (Yes, this means my kitchen now has the bottom half of one wall painted.) BUT, yes there's a butt but, Rick and the boys LIKE the color and want me to finish painting. UGH!

So, if there are any decorator types who would be willing to advise I would greatly appreciate it. I think the pics are pretty true to color. Oh, and ignore the funky orange countertop. That's gonna go.... "someday". I was hoping for a European Country look with my color choices, but I think it might be too much like "Clowns Escape and Paint your Kitchen" No offense to any of you clowns out there! ;o)


Anonymous said...

I think there is to much yellow in it - you should go neautral like a nice deep taupe kinda thing or a reallly light brown. Also not a huge fan of glossy paint

Elaine said...

I'm no professional (obviously), but I think I know what you are going for, and I think I agre that there is too much yellow in it. I don't know . . . maybe with the right counter top and decorative accents to pull it all together it could work . . . good luck whatever you decide to do! I know the frustration of carefully picking colors, painting, and then going, "Eeeek! That isn't working how I though it would."

The Mac's House said...

Looks to me like you've got the start of a Tuscan inspired kitchen. Check out some photos online of Tuscan theme kitchens. I have no doubt that you'll be able to make it work out.