Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tonya and Claire

Look at Tonya all decked out in her pink winter outfit! Pink certainly seems to be her color. She is still waiting for a family and her profile can be found on the Reece's Rainbow site here under ophanage 24. She is also on the Angel Tree under "Help me get to $2500". Her total grants together are over $4000. This will really help to defray some of the costs of her adoption. Are you her family? Do you know someone who might be? She's been waiting a long time and is at the age she can be transferred to the institution.  I really don't want to see that happen to her.

Sweet little Claire! This is my Christmas Angel Baby, who I have not done a great job of advocating for. You can find Claire on the Angel Tree under "help me get to $500". Every DOLLAR donated to her fund helps bring her closer to having a family. But, for $35 you get an ornament with her picture on it to hang on your tree. How great would it be to pull out her ornament next year and know she is celebrating Christmas with her family and you had a part in that! There are truly families who would love to step up and commit to these children but can't because of the cost. So, the grant funds that Reece's Rainbow raises for them really are saving lives every day.

In just the 30+ days that the Angel Tree has been up this year 28 kids have had families step forward to adopt them. I am blown away by this and looking forward to who's moved to the "My Family Found Me" area next. Maybe it will be Tonya? Oh, I hope so! Or Claire? That would be great! OR maybe BOTH of them? That would be SPECTACULAR! :)

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