Sunday, December 6, 2009

Update on Tonya & Claire

To Give Tonya Hope

Since I posted about Tonya the other day we found out tht there IS a family that wants to adopt her but is worried about the financial aspect of adopting internationally. In other words the only thing stopping them is money. So, Lu, a friend in London has created this button to help spread the news about Tonya's need. If you are willing to help please grab the code for the button and paste it wherever it might be seen.  There is a family at her orphanage now adopting a friend of Tonya's and they say that she really wants a Mommy and Daddy. Let's see Tonya's Hope of a family become reality!

As for Miss Claire: She now has $400 in her grant fund! Yay! So, if you donated after reading my last post: Thank You! I am hoping that she will reach at least $1000 by the end of the Angel Tree and that she will have a family committed to adopting her. If you are interested in any of the children featured on Reece's Rainbow you can contact Andrea Roberts, her info can be found here.

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Adeye said...

Standing with you and TRUSTING theses precious angels find their families REALLY soon!!!

I love your heart :)