Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bracelet Fundraiser

* Only have TWO left! I've decided to keep this post at the top of the blog until I sell out of bracelets to make it easier to find them. I hope with Christmas coming I will sell the rest of what I have. The chip-in I originally had posted here expired but you can use the button on the sidebar for ordering bracelets. It all goes to the Liza fund, just designate $15 for each bracelet. Thanks!


Elaine said...

Do you have bracelets left? I'd like to order three of them if you do. Which button on the side do I use? The bring home Liza button? You can email me since I'm too stupid to figure it out.

Christine said...

I’m holding a $1 challenge over at, on the countdown to Christmas. Kiril is a little boy with significant special needs who has been waiting on Reece’s Rainbow for a long time, and has been bedridden in an institution for over 6 months now. My goal is to get as many people as possible to donate just ONE dollar to Kiril’s RR grant.

I’ve contacted many people about this already, in the hopes that they will SPREAD THE WORD, EVEN IF THEY CAN’T DONATE. To date, there’s been an amazing response, but Kiril’s path home is still far from sure. I know it is usually against the unwritten ‘rules’ to ask an adopting family for anything – and I can see why. But if you are part of a loving, supportive community, which might be inclined to help in spreading this message and saving this little boy's life, I humbly ask that you let them know about this fundraiser. I have great faith that together, we can give Kiril hope and a future THIS Christmas. Thank you.