Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I Ponder: The BBC version

Here lately I have been in LOVE with a few BBC series. It started with Keeping Up Appearances, or as Rick calls it, The Mrs. Bucket Show. Then it was Monarch of the Glen, Robin Hood, Ballykissangel, and now The Darling Buds of May (betcha didn't know that's how Catherine Zeta-Jones was dicovered?) Love me some BBC!

So, anyway, my pondering is this: Why, oh why can't the stars of these shows stay put?! In MOG two or three of the main characters leave after a couple seasons and the show hangs on a while then fizzles out. In Robin Hood and Ballykissangel the same thing happens. Haven't gotten far enough into The DBM yet but am hoping everyone was able to stick it out. The Mrs. Bucket Show is about the only one that it doesn't seem to happen in, which is good cause I don't think anyone else could have played Hyacinth! In BallyK they have about four or five different priests! Sheesh, gimme a break.

What is UP with the changing of characters? The stars of these shows leaving when it all seems to be going great? Any other BBC lovers know? Cause this is driving me bonkers. Still love my BBC though. Think I could make it in England? Kent is looking pretty good to me these days (that's a place, by the way, not a dude!).

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MoonDog said...

Bookay residence! lady of the house speaking! AHHHH SHERIDAN!!! we love love love love love love love love love that show. and way back in my family there was a Sheridan! which cracks me up! RRRRRIICCHHHAAAAAHHD!!