Friday, December 18, 2009

Liza's Birthday

Today is Liza's 4th Birthday and our official meeting day with our Social Worker! On one hand I am excited that we are actually making some progress and hoping to have her here soon (February or March... maybe?), and on the other I am sad that she is "celebrating" her birthday once again in an orphanage. What that means is that  she's probably not celebrating at all. Today will  be just another day for her, just like yesterday and the day before and..... you get my point. I was really hoping that she would be here now and that we could show her how it feels to be celebrated on the day of your birth. What it's like to be loved and cherished like all children should be.

To honor her birthday I'd like to ask if you feel led to please make a donation to our Family Sponsorship Page on Reece's Rainbow. This will make it tax-deductible and really help us when it is time to actually make the trip over there. We have paid pretty much everything that is required for fees here, but are still in need of some of what we will need to pay when it is time to travel. We took a loan out on Rick's 401K and then our van and our stove had to be replaced, so that cut into some of what we planned to use. Every little bit helps, even $5 or $10. Just click the button included in this post or the one on the sidebar to help. Thank you!

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Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Happy Birthday!!!! :) I KNOW how hard it is to miss a birthday with your little one! Praying she is in your arms soon! I so wish I had money to send you for her birthday but EVERYTHING went in to this big sale this weekend and my paypal does not have much left. Let me look, I might have a couple dollars.