Saturday, March 22, 2008

I may need to pray harder..

**This story took place a couple months ago and I debated on whether to post it, cause I don't want folks to think my kids are maniacs. But, I reread it and I just couldn't bring my self to delete it. You just have to know my family and our crazy sarcastic sense of humor**

Yesterday I walked my little man, Noah down to the bus stop. He's 9 now and into all the gross stuff that makes me wanna puke. I know that's typical for boys and growing up with two little brothers I'm pretty well used to it. But Noah may be a little weirder than most.

Here's the story: He and I are standing there looking down the road in the direction the bus should be coming and we see a big diesel pickup coming. Then we see a little grey squirrel who has decided to try to race the truck in getting to the other side of the road. (BTW- why the heck do squirrel's have to do this?) We're both standing there holding our breath, or so I think, waiting to see if the squirrel is gonna get splattered and, phew, he makes it to the other side just in time! So, I let out my breath and say, "Phew, I thought we were about to watch that squirell get squooshed. I'm glad he made it to the other side." That's when Noah says, " That would have been cool.", with that crazy little boy gleam in his eye. At this point I tried walking to the other side of our street and disowning him but he followed me, laughing the whole time.

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