Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Needed This

I stole this quote from Dawn's blog, I hope she doesn't mind.

"The Will of God will never take you
where the Grace of God cannot protect you"

It just sums up what I've been feeling since we met with our SW again yesterday. I really like her and she has given us advice that I felt was right on and common sense. But, yesterday she was really cautioning us to think hard about whether we really want to adopt LB. We found out that her developmental delays may be more severe than we thought and she cautioned us to be sure we weren't going to do something that would cause friction between us and the boys. Needless to say, hearing all that caused some friction for me last night. I was feeling confused and almost like I was going to lose her, Rick was sure that if our SW felt that way that it was so.

I can't explain how I have fallen for this child but I really feel that God has spoken that He has made her ours and if we just continue in faith everything will fall into place. Along with that will come everyone adjusting to all of her disabilities. We have wonderful resources all around us, not just for her but for us as parents, and even for siblings of kids with disabilities.

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Dawn said...

Feel free to quote me any time! I feel honored that someone read something that was meaningful to them. Plus, I am not sure where I found it either!