Friday, July 8, 2011

Fundraiser Friday - Olga and the Abell Family

Jenn and Chris Abell are adopting the sweet girl above, her name is Olga. Isn't she just a cutie-pie? The first time I saw her photo I thought how much she reminded me of Liza - ok sure, it was probably just the blonde hair and fair skin, but then I read her description and it mentioned something about her being "determined" and that she liked to help the other children. Well, that really sounds like someone I know who happens to be cute, blonde, and a bit sassy. So, when I found out Olga had a family determined to come for her I was pretty excited for her and for them. Now, I have the privilege of sharing some of the fundraisers they are doing in order to raise the money needed to bring Olga home.

On July 16th they are hosting A Dinner for Olga in Port Orchard, Washington. They're serving pulled pork sandwiches along with some tasty side dishes and strawberry lemonade or sweet tea to drink. Sounds really good and if I didn't know they were all the way over in Washington I would think they were here in Virginia or a little further South judging by that menu (trust me, even here in "Northern" VA it's sometimes hard to find sweet tea!). If you're anywhere close to them and would like to actually attend Olga's Dinner you can purchase a ticket at their event page, and if you do go eat a little extra for me, ok? If you're out of town but want to donate you can go the event page purchase a ticket and then send Jenn an email letting her know you're not actually attending along with a message for Olga.

They also have a couple other fundraisers going on right now that you should check out. Jenn's friend, Stephanie, is hosting Christmas in July for Olga throughout July. She is calling it a "give-to" and here's how it works, she has these beautiful Christmas ornaments and for every $10 donation to the Abell's adoption fund she is giving an ornament to Olga along with a message sent by the contributor. Sounds like a great gift for Olga on her first Christmas with a family! Olga has also been chosen as the Jars of Hopes and Dreams child for the month of July. Who knew the change that could fill up a jar could be used to change the life of a child?

On top of all that the Abell's are sending everyone who contributes to any of these fundraisers a keychain to help you remember why you gave.
Front side
Back side
Please head over to the Abell Family's blog and help Olga come home to her family.

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