Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cookie Monsters

Remember I was urging everyone to visit Charlie's Chocolate Factory? Well, we got our goodies from CCF, and let me tell you! They are just as amazing as everyone said, honestly.

Pictures speak a thousand words, right? So, I'll let them and Liza (the boys are anti-camera these days) tell the story.

First Bite.

You can't see her but the puppy is trying to snatch a bite.
Not happening!

Mmmmmm, that's pretty good!

Oh, you know what's about to happen, right?

Seriously, you can't guess what happened next?

Yep, Liza ate Austin's cookie!
(*This was NOT staged, I was just quick with
the camera for once!)

Pretty dadgum proud of myself right now,
if I do say so myself :)
Now, Austin - he's not so proud.
Better be looking out next time Brother!

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