Friday, July 29, 2011

Fundraiser Friday - Paisley and the Tam Family

Love those brown eyes!!
Renee and Steve Tam are adopting Valeria, who they are calling Paisley. They hope to travel to meet Paisley for the first time in September and are hard at work raising the last of the money needed to be fully funded by that time. Their giveaway is awesome and I have dubbed Renee "The Fundraiser Queen" .

She's not sure if she accepts that title but I can tell you she definitely is the "Toffee Queen" and if you enter the giveaway you have a chance at finding that out for yourself. Because for every $1000 they raise in this giveaway three donators names will be drawn and will win some of Renee's amazing white chocolate toffee AND the recipe for the famous toffee. I think that's quite a prize on it's own and it's just a little extra incentive to give generously and tell your friends about it!
Renee's World-famous toffee.
Just LOOKS mouth-watering, doesn't it?
It is! Trust me.
But, I've gotten a little ahead of myself. The toffee is great but, like I said, it's just an extra incentive. You can also win: 
  • An Ipad2 32GB w/Wifi in black
  • A Nikon D3000 SLR 
  • A couple of really cute prints from Etsy
  • A $50 Starbucks giftcard
  • A $50 Target giftcard
  • $50 to spend on Lisa Leonard jewelry 
  • Two of the cutest wreaths made from BURLAP! (who knew burlap could be so cute?! it is...)
  • Four really cute and colorful key fobs (you choose)
  • $50 to use at Posh and Prissy (Liza has one of her bows. SO cute)
  • A pair of squeaker shoes (dontcha love little kids in squeaky shoes?)
  • $50 to use at Vera Bradley
  • A basketful of beautiful homemade soap
  • Three custom pillowcases
Whew, I think that's everything. Go over to Renee's blog, Chasing Moonlight, and check everything out. This is definitely something that you want to get in on. I still can't decide which prize is better the toffee or that Ipad2, or even those burlap wreaths :) Which one are you hoping for?

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