Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fundraiser Friday (A little late) - Andriy and the Burlingham Family

This Fundraiser Friday post is really special to me because the little boy whose family I am spotlighting is a little one that I had the opportunity to hold and really get to know, even if just a little bit. Andriy has the sweetest smile and the most precious laugh. When I met him his smile seemed very shy and his laugh was quiet and didn't happen very often. His most favorite thing to do when I played with him was to hold my hands and rock back and forth just smiling his shy, sweet smile with his head down. My heart was captured and I am SO SO excited for him and for his family!

Amanda and David are soon to be Andriy's Mom and Dad and their newest fundraiser is one of the coolest I've seen lately. They are doing a Leaves of Love fundraiser, for each $10 donation made a leaf (w/donors name written inside) will be added to Andriy's tree in a lovely Fall color, and when he is home it will be a work of art that tells the story of all those who cared enough to help change his reality. They are also giving away chances at a quilt and selling puzzle pieces along with the prints that are added to the tree.

Here's a rundown of what your donation could get you:
$5   One quilt entry

$10 One Leaf, 2 quilt entry

$15 One Leaf , 3 quilt entries, Your name on the puzzle

$20 Two Leafs, 4 quilt entries, Your name on the puzzle

$25 Two Leafs, 5 quilt entries, Your name on the puzzle

$30 Three Leafs, 6 quilt entries, Your name on the puzzle

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