Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Go, Dog, Go

This here is Mojo. I know this picture makes us look cruel and unusual, but he actually did that to himself, and more than once. He liked dragging that basket around for some reason. Mojo has got to be the craziest dog we have ever had in our house. He likes to chase Rickydoodle in circles through the house and then get chased back. It's especially funny when he slides across the kitchen floor.

So, this morning, Ricky and I are lazing in the living room-ignoring the dogs. Mojo must have gotten tired of being ignored cause he comes tearing through the living room, into the kitchen, then back around the whole house, back thru the LR, wipes out in the kitchen, and back into the LR where he jumps up on his Daddy's (Rickydoodle) couch.

The whole time all this is going on we are just looking at each other trying to figure out who let the dog get into the coffee. Once Mojo jumps onto the couch the first thing out of my dear husband's mouth is, "Did you have a case of the runs?" I laughed so hard.

Get it? "Case of the runs?", cause he was running around like crazy? Maybe you had to be there. I'm still laughing.......

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