Monday, May 12, 2008

Music and Life-Josh Turner

I have loved Josh Turner's music since I first heard "Long Black Train". I love his voice and just how his music seems sincere. It reminds me of country that I loved growing up, not "Today's Hot New Country", which I can't stand a whole lot of. I had never heard this one before, I guess it doesn't get played on most radio stations. I love how Josh obviously has a strong faith and doesn't try to hide it. But, I also love that he doesn't feel he has to make only christian music. I went through a phase where I thought the only way for me to be a good christian girl was to only listen to christian music. That was hard, because I love country music, it's like it's in my genetic makeup. I can't explain how a fiddle, banjo, or Randy Travis can stir me. I've grown and I know now that I can love Jesus even if I listen to country sometimes. I love praise and worship music, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I still need to hear Reba or Randy or Keith Whitley or......the list goes on and on....

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Faith said...'re right...I think we DO have a lot in common. LOL. I'm about 5 years behind you, otherwise the switched at birth may have actually been a possibility. LOL. This post especially....hehehe....good christian girls can't listen to country but sometimes you just HAVE to love that really great country song.....ROFL. I'm there with ya. LOL.