Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Music and Life-Albertine

This is one of my new favorite songs. I am so impressed with this young lady for so many reasons. Her voice is amazing and she is using it to spread a message that she is passionate about. It's obvious that this is not all about her but all about getting the Word out. Not just the word of those who she has seen that are suffering, but the Word of God.

I first heard of Brooke at church one Sunday morning when the Worship team played a new song,"Lead Me to the Cross". When I got home I searched MYSpace for it and that's how I found "Albertine". She's doing some touring here in the States starting June, 2 and I'd like to go see her not just to listen to her beautiful voice but to hear her message.


Brandi said...

How sweet! Have you seen the Sara Groves video for "I saw what I saw". . same type of thing. .both make me cry and LONG to go back!


Missy said...

I absolutely love this. Love her voice and LOVE her message. We are responsible. Sometimes I feel so alone in my way of thinking in my church, community and family, and then I get on the computer and find the likes of you (through Brandi):o) I tire of building programs and church programs that are designed more for entertainment and revenue than ministry and I grow weary buying gifts for people who need for nothing. I really am just weary living in this self centered over privileged society. It's hard for me to find balance sometimes. Thanks for sharing this song and giving me a safe place to rant.