Thursday, May 1, 2008

Music and Life-Noah

My Noah has a wide and varied love of music. His faves these days are probably not anything like the faves of his peers. That's pretty typical of him. He's a lot like most little boys in some ways and totally not like anyone else in other ways. I have to say, I really like him that way.

Who would believe a nine year old boy could dig Harry Chapin? Noah definitely does. He sings this song off and on throughout the day every day. I can't take credit for turning him on to this one though, that goes to Mr. Lentine. From everything I hear, he has got to be the greatest art teacher that ever lived. I remember I loved the music to this song but I never really liked the words, cause to me the story is just too sad. I hope that Noah someday sees the lesson in the song and makes sure to be the right kind of man for his sons to want to be like.

This is another of Noah's faves. He sings it alot too but he always makes sure to say "baddest man in the whole darn town". I don't always sing it that way and he always gives me an incredulous, "awwwww" when I say that D--- word. Sometimes I do it just to get the incredulous look. I can't help it, it's cute!

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