Thursday, May 15, 2008

What He Said

I wanted to post about a conversation I had with a co-worker about foster care, but I just couldn't get what I wanted to say right. Then I went to AdoptUSKids this morning and found some inspiration. Enrique's story is not the "perfect" foster care story. You know, the one where the kid gets adopted and lives happily ever after. His is a foster care success story none the less. I love how he looked at his past and where his father came from and he wanted to honor his dad by leaving a legacy that I'm sure both his parents would be proud of.

I didn't know how to encourage my co-worker to do foster care but to be diligent in not allowing the system to take advantage of her or the children that would be placed in her care. Unfortunately, these are the realities of our foster care system. I think if she could read Enrique's story she would be encouraged and know that becoming a foster parent is a great way to make a difference, which is what she wants to do. In fact, I wish the whole world could read Enrique's story. We hear far too much bad news about the system and the children in it, we need to hear the good stories. We all need to hear what he said. Thanks Enrique, for encouraging my heart today.

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