Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miracle for Masha

Masha has over $17,000 in her Grant!!

Kind of a sappy sounding title, but whatever, I guess I am a sappy kind of person. Masha needs a family ASAP, and she doesn't have time for me to try to gather my thoughts and think of something witty to say or a title that might grab somebody's attention. She's set to soon, very soon, be sent to an institution that no child has been adopted out of. That is pretty much a death sentence for her, especially since right now at 4 years old she weighs 13 pounds and is the size of a ONE year old!

My friend Shelly and her husband are at her orphanage right now adopting their daughter and have visited with Masha. Here's what Shelly has to say about her:
"She has FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) and is the sweetest little muffin. Do not by any means let the diagnosis of FAS scare you off as Brian and I were blessed yesterday to be able to interact with her for close to 15 minutes and in that time she dispalyed more skills and cognitive abilities than most children we have encountered. Oh my is she a complete doll with a great sense of humor and a smile that lit up the room. We started playing peek-a-boo and immediately she copied us and just giggled up a storm! She also was talking to us, in Russian, but nevertheless she was talking. Then I started blowing her kisses and she acted as if she was catching them then laughed out loud.
Ok, so this is where I need you and please just take 2 minutes to help. You see we just found out yesterday that Masha was getting her physical, not to give her general medical care, but to prepare her for transfer to the adult mental institution. The very same place that Reagan is in now. The very director who has never allowed one single adoption. The place where a small child will be left to lay around with no interaction or love. The place these children are sent to die. Masha is 4 years old yet she weighs about 13 pounds and is the same size as our little Carrington. Currently prayers are being sent up all over this world for our little Reagan as Monday will be the day we face the biggest mountain yet: the Director. This woman will determine whether or not Reagan will have the chance to know the love of a family and whether or not Reagan will even get to see her next birthday. We have every bit of faith God called us over here to bring Reagan home but our emotional distress is over Masha and her future."

So, please help us find Masha's family! Post this to Facebook or twitter or wherever. Just get the word out so that this child can be saved from the place that she will be sent. Thanks!

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I love her. Tears.