Saturday, February 5, 2011

Meeting Cool People

Tonight we had the honor of attending a fundraiser for another family in our area adopting a Reece's Rainbow child. The House family is adopting Martin from a country that is almost a relative to the one Liza is from. It was such a fun night. We got to meet some really nice people and sow into the adoption of another child. Martin has actually already been sent to an institution and the Melissa and Charlie are working really hard to get him out of there as soon as they can. Please consider going to their Family Sponsorship Page and helping them with a donation.

We also got to meet the Dirkes Family. Kelly and Kyle were so nice and easy to talk to. They are bringing home a little girl they are naming Charlotte and already call Charlie. I love the nickname Charlie for a little girl, so cute! That was pretty cool, and then later on I looked around and saw a cute little face I recognized from her Mama's blog. Bethany and her family were there and it was really neat to finally talk "In Real Life" to someone whose blog I've followed since a little before we committed to Liza.

BUT, the MOST amazing thing about tonight was meeting this beautiful Lady! An angel to all of us who have adopted or are adopting children we fell in love with because of Reece's Rainbow.

Yep! Andrea and her family were there! It was so awesome to watch her meet Liza for the first time. She cried, I cried, Liza hugged her and went back to eating. LOL I have said to myself many times since we brought Liza home that Andrea is our hero. If not for her we would never have known of Liza, we wouldn't have Liza with us now. People Magazine had it right when they honored her as a Hero Among Us - she truly is. If it wasn't real to me before it became real tonight when I saw how seeing Liza happy and healthy blessed her to the point of crying happy tears.

Tonight was a great night!

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Dawn said...

How great you got to meet Andrea. I was wondering if you knew has she ever adopted any of the RR children?