Monday, February 21, 2011

Like the New Look?

I am definitely not blogger savvy, especially when it comes to changing the way things look. But, I think I did a pretty decent job using the new templates blogger offers. Now, if only I could figure out how to put a picture in my header and get the sidebars to not be transparent I would be really happy. Anyone with Know-how got any advice for me on how to figure those two things out without breaking everything? :)


Amanda said...

I have no idea maybe Renee Tam can help you she is good with that kind of stuff. Vera's button is not working. The new design is sooo pretty, I have not figured out how to get this fancy yet. Maybe one day. (I am the first to comment on here!)

Becca said...

I just revamped mine using the Blogger template, too. The sidebar issue may stem from whether you're using a 3-column or a 2-column template. I have only one sidebar, and it's not transparent. As for the header photo, I added my photo, but am still having issues with the layout (it's all to one side for some reason). Go to your design tab, click Edit on the Header box and it'll allow you to upload an image from there. Good luck!