Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spreading the Truth Pandemic

My Sweet Friend, Carolyn, founder of Project Hopeful made this video with her family and some friends a while back. I shared it on Facebook but never posted it here. I watched it again today and cried. Again. The truth is so beautiful. Really, isn't it? All I can think is if the truth in this video is spread how many children left alone and dying could be saved. Their lives literally saved as they are placed in families who are willing to love them and give them every opportunity to be healthy and to just be children.

Some of the things stated in the video that stick out to me - that I really need to remember for those conversations with folks stuck in the 80's are:

  • There has NEVER been a case of HIV transmission in a normal family living situation (that's not 1 or 2 cases here or there. that's N.E.V.E.R!!)
  • HIV is considered a chronic, but manageable disease. (like diabetes, psoriasis, Celiac's, and Chrohn's)
  • HIV is 100% preventable! WOW! Did you see that?  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT :)
  • HIV can be controlled with medication so that it can become UNDETECTABLE in blood tests. Umm, let me say again - WOW!
  • HIV is only spread 3 ways - Mother to infant (birth or breastfeeding), sharing drug needles, unprotected sex. 
These are the truths about HIV/AIDS, but so many don't realize. They really are stuck in the 80's. Even including people in my family. But, that's ok because I know these truths now and I use them every chance I get to try and change mind-sets. It's important, not for me but for the ones who wait. 

Like Angie! O.M.G! If you don't want to snatch her up and kiss her sweet face there is something wrong with you. Just sayin'. She is in the place Liza came from so I can tell you lots about it if you're interested. She waits only because of a diagnosis of HIV, seriously? And people go home from this country all the time because they weren't shown children under ages 3 or 4 without "serious medical concerns". I say to them, "PLEASE people! Get over yourselves!"

There's also Marcus. Oh, this sweetheart just looks like he needs his Mama :( Where ARE you Marcus' Mama?!

PLEASE look at this Beautiful baby boy! Wow! Sutton is gorgeous, ain't no two ways about it, he just is. The region he's in is FAST and easy. Someone is missing out on this baby boy. And they say there are no healthy children under 6 in this country. Guess that depends on your definition of healthy, now doesn't it?

Here's Wyatt. He's in the same region with Sutton and has the sweetest smile. His bio describes him as a wonderful little boy. He just needs a family to encourage him to continue to grow into a wise and caring young man. 

Handsome Avery. He's available to be adopted by single moms. Hooray for single mommies! (There should be a song for single moms, I imagine it to the tune of Beyonce's "Single Ladies"... LOL) Somebody, Single Mommy or Married Mommy, snatch him out of there and into your family.

Sweet Little Benji-baby (that's Noah's middle name and I use to call him that.. don't tell him I posted that here!) This little fella is also where Liza is from and I think I may have seen him once or twice but am not positive. If it was him he was a very friendly little guy- sweet and CUTE!

I can't leave out Larisa. Such a beautiful girl! She also represents all the "Older kids" who will age out and have almost no options because of Orphan status compounded by HIV status. This is SO wrong! Please someone take a chance on her. If it's not you then spread the word about her until her family sees her face and realizes they are missing her. Please....

Kaylee, because I have always had a soft spot for her. I am almost sure I have posted about her before but am too lazy to go find a link. We all thought she had a family, but just recently found out that she still waits. Dad-gum it she is CUTE! I know there is a family waiting for her somewhere, perhaps somewhere near me ;o)

Anna B, has also stolen my heart. I don't know why, maybe because of her beginnings, she was a preemie who they didn't think would make it the first year and then she just blossomed! I love it when the under-dog proves everybody wrong. I think she will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to, she  just needs a family to help her along the way. Plus, she just looks like a little fairy or an elf, doesn't she? :)

There are so many more kids who are waiting, you can see them here on Reece's Rainbow. Only because they have a diagnosis of HIV. Now that you know the Truth, aren't you wondering, like me - WHY? Please go to Project Hopeful for more info on adopting a child with HIV/AIDS.  


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is just breaking my heart. I wish I could go get ALL of them!

andrea said...

Did you see that Angie AND Neal AND your Charity all found families?! God is moving, especially at 14... Please pray for all the ones that aren't listed yet... I just know that once they are there will be families just waiting to snatch them up...

Anonymous said...

I so want to adopt a little one with HIV. Pray if we are supposed to.