Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help Me Out HERE!!

Can someone please go and get these kids already??!! Every day I check the My Family Found Me page hoping to see at least one of them on there and every day I am disappointed. Please put me out of my misery by committing to one of these babies or sharing with someone who has been missing them and may not have known it until they see their face.
Andrey S
This little guy will soon be the ONLY CHILD with DS left in Liza's former orphanage. On one hand that's great! So many will be going home soon or already have, but on the other hand it's sad for Little A. He has no one who seems to even be interested in him :( This little boy is deserving of a family just like all the other kids that have left or are leaving deserve theirs.

Oh my goodness!! I have fallen head over heels for this little cutie, and every day I  say to myself, "Self! What in the World are you thinking? Self... I'm talkin to you!! Don't even think about it!" As much as I may wish, we just can't go back right now for Charity or any other child. So, please save my Self from myself ;o) You know by adopting her or finding someone who will. Me, myself, and I would really appreciate it!

Sonya :)
Sonya was Noah's Christmas Stocking Angel, and now he has her picture printed out to remember to pray for her. We would be ecsatic if she was to have a family - soon!

Isn't she cute?! She was Austin's Christmas Stocking Angel and we have her pic printed too. Kathleen's family? Where are you? Come on out and make our day!!

Oh. Em. Gee!! I can not get over how cute he is! Antonio is another one who will watch all his friends leave soon but he will still be there. I can't believe no one has stepped forward for him yet... Come on, PLEASE!

Evan :)
My little buddy, Evan! Still waiting and still just as cute as he can be :)

Also still waiting :( I don't know how much more I can take of every day looking to see if Maxim's been moved to the MFFM page and every day seeing that he's still on the Older Boy's page. Every time the shared grant on that page goes up into the few thousands I think "this time is his time", but so far I've been wrong :( 

Below are a few more cuties, a couple with HIV or CP, who are still waiting. So deserving of families - each and everyone of them. Please help me get the word out abut them.




Honestly, I've tried to be funny here and keep everything light, but these kids NEED families! And there is a big part of me that just doesn't want to be nice about it anymore. Sorry, but that's the way it is. If you say you love Jesus and you care about what he cares about - then you should care about every single face you see here. If you say you have a heart for the orphan and "someday" you want to adopt, then I say to you, "what's the hold up?!!" Get down in the dirt, it's time to get dirty! Just sayin'....


schoolmother said...

Great post, Melissa. Ruslan on the older boys page is the one I would LOVE to see find a family.

andrea said...

Thank you. I cried just seeing sweet Andrey's face up there... I don't want to leave him behind wondering if it will ever be his turn for a family... Please, somebody, snatch up this precious treasure!

patty said...

HI Melissa,

Thank you for advocating for all of these children, especially, Sonya. We got home a month ago with our daughter, Julia. She was in Sonya's groupa in the orphanage. My son got to spend some time visiting with Sonya when he was over there with my husband. He actually took the picture that you posted. He said Sonya is such a sweet heart. Thank you again.