Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One More Who Will Be One Less

Sweet Tanya
Remember the beautiful little face above? I do. I think of the one those sweet cherub cheeks belong to almost every day. Yesterday I got some of the best news since Rick told me he wanted us to adopt Liza.


I was so happy when I heard the news from Andrea that I couldn't even type a coherent reply back to her. All I could do was cry. Thank you God for Tanya's family! I may never know them but I will be forever grateful to them for being the answer to my prayers for this child that I grew to love in just three short weeks.

In my happiness though, I can't help but continue to remember the ones who will once again be left behind when Tanya goes home with her new Mama and Papa. 

Oh, sweet Coca-Cola! Every time I see this picture of her I am just reminded how much I love this girl. She is so full of fire and life and I SO want to see her taught to channel that into a passion for Jesus. Just imagine the damage one little fired up Coca-Cola girl could do for the kingdom of God! Kinda gets me fired up just thinking about it :) Vika's family where are you??!!

Maxim :)
Then, of course, I could not finish a post about the kids who wait without including my buddy Maxim. More and more of the older boys on Reece's Rainbow are being chosen. But, day after day Maxim still waits for his turn. I wonder if it's because the place where he's at is considered "not that bad" . He is fed, clothed, kept from the cold and from harm. But is he being encouraged to be everything that he could be? I wonder if he had been born into a loving family where he would be right now? Would he be in Kindergarten today? Learning his ABC's and 123's? Would he be a lover of Signing Time with a sign vocabulary that would blow us all away? Would he be a music lover learning to play the piano? Maybe you think he doesn't have a  lot of potential. To that I say, I say, "So what?". So what if he doesn't live up to your idea of "potential". Especially if you are a Christian and a pro-life Christian (which if you're Christian you ought to be pro-life! Just sayin'). Who decides Maxim's potential? You or the God who created him just the way he is?

I am celebrating Tanya's Victory today. Soon she will have what she's been longing for - her own Mama and Papa. But, at the same time I mourn for those ones who I love who seem to be overlooked over and over again. Waiting anxiously for the day that it will be their turn to be the chosen ones. I pray their day comes soon!
*Please click over to this link on Andrea G's blog for the faces of some other sweet kids who wait from Liza's orphanage! Most of them are also listed on Reece's Rainbow here and here.*


andrea said...

She's gone! Must have happened this morning while I was in one of the other groups but there was no missing the fact that she was not there to barrel me over when I went by her group this afternoon... Tanya's got her Mama & Papa!
One down, so many more to go - keep praying!

Anonymous said...

May I ask what Vika's medical condition is? I have cousins who may be adopting...Thanks!

Cindy from Ohio

Melissa said...

Hi Cindy,
If you'll email me at hismissionmine@yahoo.com I'll try to answer that question for you :)
Thanks! Melissa